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IncGamers: Hot Mods 23/12: Jedi Acadamy

The newest iteration of hugely popular modding article, Hot Mods, Spanner Spencer this week looks at the best mods available for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.

Spencer writes:
"Contemporary mythologies are a prime source of inspiration for modders – not least of them being Star Wars. So the theme of Jedi Academy immediately captured the community's attention. Jedi Academy uses the Quake III: Team Arena engine, so it does make you wonder why modders don't simply go straight to the Quake games if they're looking to create a new game that requires this engine's particular abilities. But Jedi Academy is a game that's built on modification itself, by the original developer, and that holds significant appeal." (Culture, Jedi Knight: Jedi Acadamy, PC)

AndyA  +   2409d ago
Another great mod feature. Used to love Jedi Academy, may have to revisit it.
Leord  +   2409d ago
That's really cool! I can't wait for SC2 to arrive, and see what types of modding will come with the RTS game!
Dorjan  +   2409d ago
I loved Jedi Acadamy, it was just as good if not better than the whole Jedi Knight series! (Ok maybe not the story but the action!)

I will look into these!
Wuushu  +   2409d ago
Jedi games are FTW by default!
Maticus  +   2409d ago
Fights from the movies? Wicked, must try that asap.
thetamer  +   2409d ago
I think this is one of those games that will just be around for ever and ever.
jAyy  +   2409d ago
yeah, i just love this game! gonna install the game again xD
Karum  +   2409d ago
I loved Jedi Academy, I met people in that game I still game with to this day.

Might have to revisit the game with this stuff!

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