Sony Silent on US PS3 Hardware Revisions

No hardware backwards compatibility means the majority of the PlayStation 2 library, especially niche games, will never be playable on PlayStation 3. For many, though, this simply begged a much bigger question: will this happen in the United States, too?

1UP contacted Sony Computer Entertainment America for an answer, but instead of refuting the speculation, they're sitting on the sidelines for now. "We have no announcement regarding any hardware specification changes for PS3 in North America at this time," said a company representative.

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Silverwolf4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

Sony is trying to reduce production cost by eliminating the Emotion engine and graphic synthetizer. I guess this is the one time I can say early adopters have the better system.

Bleyd4316d ago

We all knew it was going to happen eventually. They weren't ready with their software offering for PS2 and PS1 emulation when the PS3 launched. They need to cut the costs of manufacturing the PS3 and one of the best ways to do that is to remove the PS2 hardware and start using software emulation. Emulation will give the opportunity for more improvements on the old PS2 games anyway since there's no way that a PS2 game will fully utilize the PS3's processor and memory. Improvements like upscaling, improved load times, and possibly even no more slow downs in games like Ratchet and Clank and Shadow of the Collossus.

Boon Tarkas4316d ago

Plug your PS2's back into your tvs!
Problem solved.

Your welcome.

techie4316d ago

Dude we shouldn't have to. There's no room under my tv for my 5year old ps2. It's aged enough, so I thought the ps3 would be a nice replacement. I'malready forking out £425, why should I have to pay another £100 to get a ps2!?

Arkham4316d ago

Another fine example of 1up's high-standard of reporting:

"No hardware backwards compatibility means the majority of the PlayStation 2 library...will never be playable on PlayStation 3."

You can't make that assumption at this point in time. What an irresponsible thing to say.

techie4316d ago

Agreed. Two words are presumptuous. "majority" (I hear it's more like 85% compatible) and "never" (I hear they are doing firmware upadtes)

God of Gaming4316d ago

The problem with this is Sony along with its army of fanboys laughed and made fun of how MS did BC on the 360 claiming that the PS3 would be 100% backwards compatable. Turns out that only meant the first 1.5 million units, now Sony is going the MS route and the Sony fans will speak of what a great move it is. This should not just get overlooked, its Sony pulling their typical 2 faced crap.

I am in the camp where I am looking at getting a PS2 as I sold mine years ago and was interested in playing a few of the games that got great ratings over the last couple years but I was thinking of saving upa couple more pennies and just picking up a PS3 to play both PS2 and PS3 games. This gives me reason to hold off, I may just skip it as Sony makes me sick.

Also, all of you guys who ripped MS for (maybe) coming out with a new version of the 360 a year and a half after the first 360 are just fine with the PS3 dropping a piece of HARDWARE from its insides... Doesnt matter if eventually they will make it 100% BC, they have changed the hardware only a couple months from launch.

Ok now is when DJ defends Sony.... have at it

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The story is too old to be commented.