Konami holds MGS4 and MGO screenshot contest

Konami sent out notice today of the start of a screenshot contest for Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online. Participants have a chance at winning special prizes should their digital photography work catch the eye of director Hideo Kojima, Konami staff, and fellow game players.

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Mr PS33589d ago

Great screenshots over the years with the Metal Gear Games

PirateThom3589d ago

Hmmm... may have to give this a go.

Blademask3589d ago

How is MGO? still a decent sized community? what about compared to Socom?

I got my knife3 and retired, but MGO was plenty fun.

Raoh3589d ago

i wish he would offer a trophy contest you know.. when trophies come out.

mastemikegee3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

to get a photo with more than one player means that someone has to give the photo up. for example a photo with all 16 players can't have all 16 players submitting it! who would win it? i mean a photo where all 16 players pose for it. not a photo where they don't know someone taking a picture! sneaking time...