Two Worlds presents a sophisticated alchemy system

Thanks to the Alchemy System in Two Worlds, players can now let their talent for experimenting run free and wild - magical elixirs, poisoned traps, shrapnel bombs, magical power-ups for weapons, you name it, anything goes… and it's all oh-so-easy too! Just drag-and-drop your selected ingredients from the inventory to the cooking pot! All kinds of plants you find, including herbs and mushrooms, are suitable for "Two Worlds" alchemy - and you can use ready-to-drink potions and parts of dead animals and monsters, as well as minerals and bombs. The possibilities are practically endless, but all these ingredients have their own individual properties - so give your mixture some thought beforehand if you want to achieve the right results!

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BoneMagnus4309d ago

I never really did too much alchemy play in Oblivion besides making the occasional healing potion or poison - and I have the Wizard's Tower which has the rare plants etc.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4309d ago

pre-order this baby. Oblivion's time in the sun is almost over!

Dukester1014309d ago

i really dont see any difference in the way you create potions than how you do it in oblivion (besides the fact that it's a little more cooler looking).

still... this game is looking good