PAL releases for January 23rd

Brutal Gamer writes - 'The best title hitting the shelves this week is Skate 2, which I can't wait for and will be picking up my copy within the next few hours and will sink my weekend into it. Also we see the release of Football Manager Live; which if its anything like Football Manager '09 - I recommend it to everyone who likes football sims.'

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-GametimeUK-3617d ago


I will be getting SKATE2 within the next few hours for my X-BAWX!
I want it for PS3 but gathering a SKATE clan will be so much easier on 360... Plus from the demo I kinda saw the 360 version runs a tad smoother!

InMyOpinion3617d ago

You won't need another game in the coming 3 months! It's incredible. Got mine yesterday and have been playing it nonstop. The new camera angle('high') makes it much easier to see where you are going. Something I missed in the first game.

-GametimeUK-3617d ago

hehe :-)

Since I pretty much murdered SKATE1 I know this game will keep me coming back just like SKATE1 does... The beauty of this game is that it captures the essence of skating... I can spend long periods of time having a sesh at one spot, cruising or even making replays and taking photos... Since I love skating so much (one of the biggest aspects of my life) this game is a big deal to me... I am glad you like the game by the way

InMyOpinion3617d ago

I used to skate as well. This game nails the feeling.

Bathyj3617d ago

"You won't need another game in the coming 3 months!"

Haha, Good one Jenzo, you're so transparent. Not everyone has only one console, as I think he pointed out.

There might be another game worth getting in the next 3 months, I think I read an article about it the other day.

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