Street Fighter IV - Dan vs Sakura gameplay trailer

Capcom published a new gameplay trailer from Street Fighter IV. Enjoy.

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GEESE3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )


vhero3410d ago

*sigh* does anybody else think the street fighter series now is like kicking a dead horse?? I mean sure the series was great back in the 2D days but its the end of those days we wanna see Marvel Vs Capcom 3 with a crap load more fighters!

kewlkat0073410d ago

The series has been great up till Final Fantasy 12.

A fighting games will always be a fighting games...besides touched up graphics, 2-D vs 3D, new characters and moves, that's all really they can do to the genre.

The fighting genre is making a comeback and I think SF4 is what the Industry could use.

Supercalifragili3410d ago

I agree with you but maybe this is because we see a lot of videos from this game.