IGN AU: Street Fighter IV: An IGN AU Conversation - Spoiler Alert: We Love It

IGN AU writes: "Cam: Street Fighter. Streeties. Le Grande Street Fighteros. Street Fighter tres bien. Super Happy Street Fighter desu. It goes by many names, and I think it's fair to say, is beloved by almost all. We've been playing the series for close to 18 years now (the original doesn't count, natch), and over that time it's developed from an elegant and wonderfully fluid game into an elegant, wonderfully fluid and highly technical fighter. Enter Street Fighter IV. Where the Street Fighter III titles were very much the pinnacle of technical perfection, Street Fighter IV is a return to the accessibility of the games from the early 90s. That's no bad thing, and after spending the last couple of weeks with 360 and PS3 builds of the game, we've fallen in love with the gameplay blend that Capcom has established for this title. How have you found it, Patch, given that you've only ever been a pretty casual fan? "

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