5 Multiplayer modes to play before you die!

Skipping over the simple "Shoot everyone multiplayer" that was made popular by every multiplayer experience since Quake, Minion Gaming highlight the best of the rest!

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Saint Sony3586d ago

Bomberman hands down (all modes) ;)

die_fiend3586d ago

Indeed, it's classic. I'd still rather die tho cos I'm an emo

Firstkn1ghT3586d ago

Splinter Cell's multiplayer was legendary.

Cajun Chicken3586d ago

Unlimited throwing knives in Soldier of Fortune 2 on PC. Turn off all weapons exept knives, Simply hillarious.
Brings a whole new meaning to 'headshot'.

Capt CHAOS3586d ago

o No mention of counterstrike bomb mission
o No mention of Team Fortress intelligence mode, yes, it's a play on Capture the Flag but with this takes it to another level.
o No mention of Halo 3's rocket race which is pretty darn unique and great fun
o Surely a mention of oddball and king of the hill also deserves a mention, especially king of the hill as it focuses ALL firepower to one single point and is great for mayhem!

Darkwingstalker3585d ago

Thats funny, I was trying to highlight the multiplayers that DIDNT focus on just shooting.

And yeah, Maybe i should of taken a look at rocket race, To be honest, it is pretty damn original, unfortunately, 6 multiplayer game modes just isnt the same.

frey3586d ago

I remember whittling my highschool days down by playing infection with friends and camping a bunker while hordes of high hp infected kept rushing in.

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The story is too old to be commented.