Crackdown ZTGD XBox 360 Review

(Quoted From Review) "If you stop and think about it the game itself doesn't do anything particularly innovative or special to make it stand out from other shooters. At it's heart the game is a simple sandbox title that focuses on gunplay with a hint of platforming and RPG elements thrown in for good measure. What does make it stand out though is just how much fun it is to play around in Pacific City."

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Arkham3805d ago

Great game. Wish it wasn't 360-exclusive. Liking the overall style of this one -- it still reminds me of Oni. (Yes, that's a good thing. ;))

THAMMER13805d ago

I love this game and have not played any thing else since I bought it. During Co - Op you can stand on a skyscraper and watch you friend cause havoc and destruction from one corner of the city to the other in real time. And there are no load times at all from edge to edge of the city. I'm a level 4 in everything but driving and shooting. I any one wants to play tonight hit me up. GOOD TIMES

Sphinx3805d ago

I love this game. I heard about this game before the 360 came out, and is one of the reasons I purchased a 360 (the other big reason was Oblivion). I am not disappointed at all (with both Crackdown and Oblivion).

The Snake3804d ago

I was just telling the guy I was playing with this exact same thing about those exact same games making me want a 360 before it was released.

Dlacy13g3805d ago

Honestly I didnt' think I would say this...but this game is one of the best I have played on the 360! Seriously enjoying it...and it is VERY addicting! For those playing coop...if you want to try something seriously fun outside of the normal game play.....get a buddy in coop and play a game of tag. You vs your buddy....all over the city...nothing is out of bounds, etc. Use the kick as the "tag" will be surprised how hard and how much fun that is.

BoneMagnus3805d ago

I've said this before, and I'll say this again...Crackdown is my guilty pleasure dessert after some time with more serious gaming - whether it be intense LIVE competition, or a dealing with a game that requires more precision and strategy(Like R6:Vegas).

the best way to put it, is that it is my Road Runner/ Wile E. Coyote cartoon.

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The story is too old to be commented.