Chili Con Carnage Review

The thing about avenging your father's death, as with most things in life, is that it's never quite as straightforward as you imagine. If it were, then your typical revenge film would last but a few minutes – find the guy responsible, throw him in an industrial shredder – rather than the two hours they tend to run at.

In the case of Chili Con Carnage, you should expect your vengeance to take you a few hours more than that. It'll be sweeter, too, and funnier than 'avenge dad' might look on paper.

As Ram, a hot blooded latino who's just had the trauma-inducing (if not entirely humourless) experience of watching his papa's demise at the blades of a combine harvester, you set off on a killing spree that bounces you from one crime lord to the next in search for the one ultimately responsible.

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