Anonymous postings give clues to where Microsoft's cutting jobs

Microsoft Corp. is laying off employees in the divisions that make its Zune music player, Microsoft Office software and Live Search site, but not in the group preparing its Windows 7 operating system, according to anonymous postings today by purported Microsoft employees.

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paper3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

zune zune zune yea yea yea, mazda beat you.

*waits 4 correction......

cryymoar3612d ago

"they're gona cut the xbox division, xbox 360 is doooooooomed!"

weren't we (PS3 fans) hearing the Playstation equivalent of that statement when Sony was gona lay off jobs?

oh, but it's okay to say negative things about Sony, but not the almighty Microsoft.

JD_Shadow3612d ago

My bet is that they're about to discontinue the Zune, from what other stories were suggesting they were going to do, so they went there first knowing that it's near dead.

But still, this is a very hard time to be an employee anywhere in a bigger firm. Hard to believe that minimum wage jobs are right now the most secure (and that's sad because those usually aren't in that level).

pumpkinpunker3612d ago

even a 360 fanboy will admit that.

Captain Tuttle3612d ago

Zune probably will fail. It's too bad as it's a pretty good product.

Radeon3612d ago

I disagree. Zune not fail.
Please explain how the Zune fails?

BrianC62343612d ago

Microsoft has a sales staff? Why? What do those people really have to do? Microsoft owns a lot of markets so there isn't much to sell. Maybe they should close their sales department down. If they're like most sales departments they make a lot of money and get a lot of extra perks nobody else gets. I can't figure out what they actually have to do unless the department is sales and marketing.

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