Taito Making More Space Invaders Extreme?

Siliconera: "Maybe yes! In addition to the Xbox Live Arcade / PlayStation Network versions of Space Invaders Extreme Taito might be working on a full sequel. A Play-Asia listing for Space Invaders Extreme 2. While we haven't heard anything official from Taito about said game Play-Asia leaked quite a few games recently such as Strikers 1945 Plus and Crimsongem Saga. Fingers crossed this listing is correct."

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Cajun Chicken3616d ago

I admit, I actually want that reverse Space Invaders game for Wii. I don't have a Wii, but I want that, sounds brilliant fun.

thereapersson3616d ago

I have a Wii in my household, and I think that a game like this would go great on the system. The Wii needs more quality games in its library, because we all can't play Wii sports and carnival games forever...

Cajun Chicken3616d ago

I'll be seriously considering getting a Wii as soon as a StarFox or Kirby is announced, but really, the price needs to come down.

thereapersson3616d ago

I'm actually looking forward to Mad World and The Conduit. Both games look to push the envelope in terms of gameplay and graphics on the Wii (respectively, of course).

Metroid is fun, and I liked Twilight Princess, but really that's about all I enjoy on the system for longer than an hour or two. I'm not big on Smash Brothers' button mashing style of gameplay, so that doesn't appeal to me.