Don't fear the penguin: A newbie's guide to desktop Linux

Getting started with Linux can be an intimidating task, particularly for people who have never tried any operating system besides Windows. In truth, however, very little about Linux is actually difficult to use. It's simply a different OS, with its own approach to doing things. Once you learn your way around a Linux desktop, you're likely to find that it's no more challenging to work with than Windows or Mac OS.

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dredgewalker3610d ago

I HATE MS but my XP has the games i want on the pc. If Linux can support the games then count me in

dragunrising3610d ago

I'm not a Linux noob any more but there is still a lot to learn... Great article!

Polluted3610d ago

Having used Linux as my desktop OS for just over 3 years now I can safely say it's actually a lot simpler than Windows once you get used to it...and getting started is waaaaay harder than this article makes it sound.

Thanks to distros aimed at the home user like Ubuntu it's a lot more n00b friendly today than it was even 12 months ago, but they still have a long way to go.

Darkseider3609d ago

I have been using *nix (Linux, Unix, BSD) for nearly 18 years now and will never go to a MS operating system. With the recent friendly distros like Ubuntu, Mint, PCLinuxOS, Mandriva and OpenSuSE it has become even easier for users to switch to, learn and use Linux. As for application compatibility I have found that Linux has more than enough native applications that equal or rival those in the Windows world. As for games, Wine, CrossOver and Cedega do an EXCELLENT job of allowing you to run Windows games AND application under linux. All in all an excellent, safe, stable and fast OS. Did I mention FREE?

Sheddi3609d ago

I really want to install linux on my PC but it sounds so complicated =/ and i dont know which software to install to play games etc.

Viper73609d ago

Linux can be easy as windows, but there is a bossibility like in windows that youll run in to some hardware problems. Not all cards are perfectly supported in linux making 3D aplications no go. Ones with Wlan might run in to some problems with it but there are plenty of guides to get it working.

Oh and HD-tv as a monitor requares a bit of work but if you get details on what vertical and horizontal refresh rate you got on it in its native resolution. Then with a bit of help from forums (to adjust the xconfig manualy) and it should be ok.

Dual booting is also a fine option too, its never a bad thing to get knowledge on alternative os:ses.

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