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Console Monster writes: "The Maw puts players in the role of protagonist Frank, an alien, who has been captured and jailed into a space-jail along with other funny-looking creatures. When the ship malfunctions and crashes down on a foreign planet, Frank meets 'Maw' who with its help, aims to escape the world and head for home.

Maw eats other fantasy creatures ranging from the appropriately named Yums, to the cutely named Snuffles. In doing so, Maw can grow bigger and even learn new abilities. Frank discovers an electronic lead which can guide his new friend around the game's brightly coloured and attractive environments. This child-friendly appearance of the game reminds me of Viva Piñata, which despite being cute-looking, was a very addicting gameplay experience. The same could be said for The Maw."

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Cajun Chicken3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Demo was great, knew it was going to be great anyway. Its like the gadget sections of Ratchet and Clank meets the ability stealing of Kirby, excellent.

I'm really early on in the game, but to me already shows that Twisted Pixel are a dev to look out for in the future and The Maw could be an excellent platform game franchise, the 360 could have its first must have exclusive platformer. Well done; Twisted Pixel. More like these MS.

Can't wait to play through all of it, first must buy XBLA game of 2009, IMO.

Why dis3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Hahaha I was thinking the same thing.

Why isn't this game/concept a full blown retail game?

MSFT is scared to take risks they better change that because their casual base is growing.

Cajun Chicken3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I wouldn't say casual, because if you ask me, casual is all about the virtual board games and all the simple stuff like Singstar, Lips, Buzz, Scene It, You're in the Movies, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, minigames stuff, etc.

Casual Games to me are games that contain no real fluid game mechanics or problem solving involved.
I really hate it when people put platformers under 'casual' because they may be pick up and play, but still require as much thinking as any other game genre which comes under the umbrella of 'hardcore'.

This is why I still rate the best 360 exclusives as EDF2017 and Crackdown, those are golden; especially Crackdown. Hoping D3 make an unexpected sequel of EDF2017 this year and that Crackdown 2 shows its face.
Those are exclusives of the like that appeared on the XBOX, I hate all this 'hardcore' Gears/Halo nonsense that the 360 has built itself around, shooting things and playing online isn't everything.

NaiNaiNai3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

yes lets label this as not casual but lets label GH and RB casual. LMFAO, they are just as much hardcore as this would be, and just as much casual as this would be. don't try and justify something with such a lame reason. platformers are casual games. they really don't take much thinking, especially on easy or normal mode.

and EDF and crackdown are not hardcore.

hardcore would be R6V2, FF11, PSU. games that take time and skill.
games like Halo and gears are weak rip offs. they are not hardcore. if they where you wouldn't have over half the room full of kids who can't even play.

*edit 1*
i can tell you don't play much RB or GH, you dont get much more hardcore then those people who try to land 100% on the hardest songs in the game, that takes more time and practice then you might ever know. the point im making is, platformer games are casual games, the only one i might not consider casual is mega man. which is sidescrole platform. but even then theres to many flooding the market, so people just over look it anyways. tell me when was the last time someone said "spyro" and hardcore in the same sentence.

Why dis3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Casuals to me are people that play games not very often and like simple games like platformers and puzzle games. I have people on my friends list that only play XBLA titles like pacman etc.

A healthy mix of demographics doesn't mean they're not their.

Casuals tend to buy consoles when around $200 is all I was saying.

Cajun Chicken3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Red Button, Yellow Button, Orange Button, Green Button, Red, Green, Yellow...

Sorry, but its like playing the UKs Teletext feature with a good rock soundtrack, fooling you into thinking you are a rock god by pressing 'chunky buttons'.

Casual as a game could get, strictly pressing coloured buttons to a soundtrack in correct timing. Not hardcore in my view, sorry, more casual than that of an platform game.

Admittedly Rock Band and the New GH:WT are a lot more advanced due to the team work, but the old GH titles...You seriously can't call those hardcore due to the game mechanics of basically pressing big coloured buttons.

EDIT: EDF not Hardcore? What, did the word hardcore just change? did you play it at the hardest mode or even the last boss? That game wants you dead in any setting.
And I wasn't saying platformer are hardcore, I was saying they are NOT casual, casual are games with very, very simple repetative game mechanics.

Platform games being deemed 'casual' the way the industry throw around the word is just insulting in this day and age.
I really hate this stupid fictional hardcore/casual demographic split the industry has created this gen.

EDIT 2: See, even you came up with completely different results than what the game industry think and tell you is 'hardcore'. So basically, it doesn't exist. Not in games, maybe audience, but not game titles.

Anyway, The Maw is an excellent game. More like that. Next time, Retail.

EDIT 3: I cannot agree with you with hardcore as in simply pressing buttons. Again, I did not say platformers are hardcore, I just get angry that popular games with ridiculously simple game mechnanics can get in the 'hardcore' crowd when platformers are casual.

1.Do you just press 5 buttons judging by colours, shake a stick, press something at the right time in order to play and complete a platform game? No.
2. Does a platform game have a narrative, development of game mechnanics and level progression? yes.
3. Do the games I see as casual games I mentioned actually stray any further than the original game mechanics introdued from the first 5 minutes of play? No.
Most platform games do, Guitar Hero doesn't.

If you want to be techy about it, I think platformer are 'Core' games. But there is no way in hell they should be compared to games that have no real narrative or even game mechanic progressions especially the crap that 'casual' has been labeled on games recently, its just a plain insult when a good strong platformer comes out.
Admittedly most platform games now are s**t and half assed, except Ratchet and Clank.

Jeez, how hardcore and casual are being thrown around now, obviously the worst terms the gaming industry has invented and thrown around in the last few gens. Better without them, just play freaking games.

But strong platformers are NO WAY casual. Not the way casual is seen now thanks to Nintendo and the shovelware on their systems recently anyway.

NaiNaiNai3610d ago

run jump shoot collect item. how is that no different then the "repetative" game like GH or RB.
why not play drums on expert on RB2, then tell me thats not hardcore gaming. when you start to throw your self into a game, thats anotherthing that labels is as a hardcore game.

gambare3610d ago

"Casuals tend to buy consoles when around $200 is all I was saying"

that means all the hardcore gamers buy consoles of $300+ dollars? that makes sense specially if you see the average age of the XBL users ;)

Why dis3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

WTF did you just say? lol.

Early adopters seem willing to buy expensive consoles and are usually hardcore where as casuals wait because they are in no hurry and don't like to spend too much money on toys lol.

LOL at the fanaitcal attatude slaming the dissagree button at the meer sight of my username.

Selective memory? I thought game companies try to get to that magic price to win the bulk of willing consumers which are casuals lol.

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