Team Talk: The Kitchen-Sink Syndrome

TeamXbox writes: "
Most years, the holiday break gives me a chance to hang out at home and catch up on some games I have in my pile of titles with which I want to spend some time-playing just for fun instead of "for work." (I put that in quotes for the benefit of some readers, because many of you don't consider writing about games for a living to be labor. I can assure you it is work, but I think that's best elaborated upon in a later "Team Talk.")

While I didn't get as deep as I wanted into that pile this year, I did spend more time in the Wastelands of the enormous Fallout 3, as well as getting a lot of playing time with Need for Speed Undercover and Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. Some of that gameplay time, as well as my experiences with a few recent titles, raised my hackles (whatever they are) and prompting me to write this editorial about an issue I've long railed about. While this article isn't intended to single these games out for extended praise or criticism, they become relevant examples of what I'm about to discuss."

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