IGN: Paws & Claws: Pet Resort Review

IGN writes: "Considering how many Paws & Claws games have come out for the Nintendo DS and PC, it's surprising to see that Paws & Claws: Pet Resort is the first version to hit the Nintendo Wii. Given the quality of the previous couple titles in the series, it's not surprising at all to find that Pet Resort is a boring, tedious, and dare I say, hideous looking Wii game.

Pet Resort puts you in control of the new pet care place located on the grounds of Cuddle Manor, on the outskirts of Cutesville. Okay I'm going to stop right there. Really guys? Hearing someone introduce themselves as the mayor of Cutesville is only appropriate if their office is made of candy and it's a city in the clouds connected by rainbow highways, and even then it's pretty lame. Making your game saccharine doesn't mean it's a good kids title."

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