CVG: GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Preview

CVG writes: "February 17 sees the launch of The Lost and Damned, the first instalment of GTA IV downloadable content which reveals a darker side to GTA IV. Liberty City is this time the backdrop for a revenge plot that sees much death and a tragic tale of a family collapsing in on itself. This time you're just a tourist.

You play as Johnny Klebitz, the troubled vice president of motorcycle gang The Lost. The group's leader (and Johnny's brother Billy) was sent to rehab to dodge a lengthy stretch inside. Johnny's used his time as acting gang leader to quell the violence that's raged between his gang and rivals The Angels of Death."

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Why dis3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Is it me or does the graphics look better?

EDIT: yep after reading the whole thing I was not imagining it.

Looks like they tried to make a game within the game with the gameplay changes etc.

gambare3614d ago

too bad just a very few people that still have the game will appreciate that, unless they rent the game to buy the DLC and then put back to oblivion GTA4 again.

Why dis3614d ago

You have issues stalking me and attacking.

nchizimbi3614d ago

This episodic GTA IV installment sounds good...I really want to be excited about it, but the problem is I am in the minority to access and get this content when it releases. There is no micro-transactions and Xbox LIVE in my location, which is Malawi, Africa. Being a developing country, the Internet here is still SLOW; therefore, no DLC. My hope is that maybe in the near future, probably after the second episode releases, Microsoft/Rockstar will do a DISC-based retail version of the episodic content; if they don’t then tough luck for me and others who are not privileged to get the GTA IV episode(s).