Game Revolution: Wanted Preview

Game Revolution writes: "When a comic book is made into an action-packed, bullet-blazing, summer blockbuster, the inevitable progression is, of course, the video game. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the table Wanted: Weapons of Fate, a video game based on a movie based on a comic book.

click to enlargeYou may recall having seen the film version, in which a no name loser becomes a sharp-shooting badass. Or at least you remember a bare-backed Angelina Jolie all tattooed out and sexy, firing shotguns out of a sports car in random yoga positions."

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Cajun Chicken3409d ago

I never read the comic, I never saw the film, but this game looks pretty good and GRIN are now on my 'Good Developers to watch out for list' and the 'Come out of nowhere, but impressed' category.

Especially having 3 games out this year. Lets hope they are all of a good quality, which after BC:R...I don't have much doubt.