PS3 Singstar Fanatic Caught in the Act on Gamer's Voice

NextGen Player writes:

"Oh yes, there's more where this came from. It seems a careless Playstation Gamer's Voice Singstar reviewer accidentally left his web cam rolling after his review wrapped-up, resulting in a very embarrassing vocal moment. I guess that's what happens when you make such a poor decision as to sing The Cardigans.

What a silly lovefool!"

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Harry Pothead3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

he was faking it....

Nineball21123616d ago

Totally agree....

As soon as he said: "Okay, I'll just turn that off"

I knew it was fake and a set up.

BGDad3616d ago

I knew it was as soon as he said "let me turn this off" and why wouldnt he just not post it and re-do it? Then add the most cheesy song he could possibly sing and it was a lock..

Props for doing it anyway..

paulhunter3616d ago

It was clearly staged, but funny nonetheless.

wibble3616d ago

He deserves a thump in the head for bad acting..

wibble3616d ago


oops! I accidentally typed a swear word on N4G.

* blushes *