Four Freaky Half-Life 2 Mods

PC World: "So a fat pig jumps into my cab, and then he busts out into song while I carve through city streets. Nope, this isn't some deleted scene from the end of Slumdog Millionaire. I'm playing Karma Cab--a goofball mod for Half-Life 2.

What the heck is a mod? User-created game content--it's been around since long before YouTube ever made do-it-yourself entertainment a household concept. Old-school gaming nerds crafted game levels, weapons, character models--heck, entire games have been built using the guts of game engines for ages. (In fact, I highly recommend that you check out Mod DB for a huge selection of game mods.) That means lots of extra, free games derived from what you've already bought. The mod scene also happens to be a breeding ground for tomorrow's great game designers."

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Cajun Chicken3587d ago

Awesome, I'll have to get some of these.

narked3586d ago

haha a corny voyage downloading :D

micro_invader3586d ago

lol, very creative mods. Especially that corny voyage one :D