Rockstar: New 'GTA' Episode Is A Full Game, Not A 'Magic Hole'

Not calling it a "Grand Theft Auto" expansion; they're calling it a whole new game.

Rockstar Games gave MTV News a hands-on demonstration with "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned" at the development studio's New York City headquarters yesterday.

"The Lost and Damned" is a $20 downloadable episode add-on to "GTA IV" - coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 on February 17 - that requires ownership of the "GTA IV" game disc.

How can they even suggest that it's a full game? Simple. Rockstar's vice president of product development, Jeronimo Barrera, told MTV News that the adventure could run some players as much as 20 hours and will have to be played over "several marathon sessions." It's not like other video game add-ons, he said. "This isn't a magic hole that opens up that's got some sh-- in it."

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thebudgetgamer3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

while GTA IV lacked the fun factor of San Andreas its still from a technical standpoint one of the tightest playing games i have ever played in my 20 years as a gamer.


InMyOpinion3616d ago

Anyone who knows something about game programming realizes what an incredible achievement GTA IV is from a technical point of view.

vhero3616d ago

From the sounds of it you have to repeat it several times over for longevity?? I have repetitive in games like GTA ruins it completly thats why it's open world. The missions after 1 playthrough are boring and the only fun thing is the open world.. honestly though they aint gonna come out and say its gonna be an extra few missions and a mini island. Best expansion dev is Criterion they won't ever be beaten after what they have done for Burnout Paradise all devs including Rockstar should learn from them how to make an expansion!

Marquis_de_Sade3615d ago

Vhero, writing a whole new narrative that links in and overlaps with an existing one is totally different, and a lot more time consuming, than simply adding in the option to ride around on a bike. I'm not slating Criterion here, far from it, they are a quality development team, but it's not the same and not up for comparison.

Graphics Whore3616d ago

Seems like alot of Fanboy's seem to think so, hopefully this will set them straight.

Hiruma Youchi3616d ago

N4G fanboys dont think its a full game tho because its only On the X But Wipeout and other PSN titles are full game tho even if you gotta download them also.

Graphics Whore3616d ago

1 fanboy down 999,999 to go.

Bathyj3616d ago

How is Wipeout not a full game?

-GametimeUK-3616d ago

Good point... But I dont think expansion packs count as full games... Thats basically what this DLC is... An expansion pack

Cajun Chicken3616d ago

GTAIV DLC is an expansion pack. Wipeout HD is a real game, you don't need any other disc you already own for Wipeout HD.

GTAIV DLC: LaD may be LIKE a full game, but its has more in common with the expansion pack for PC's Doom3: Ressurection of Evil; which requires the original game to play.

Gantrfaxx3616d ago

I'm not buying it. I had enough of GTA4 last year.

Danja3616d ago

So I guess...:

Socom : Confrontation
Burnout :Paradise City

aren't full games either because we can download them...

this DLC isn't a full's an add-on..Expansion Pack...whether you wanna believe it or not....they are just saying this as pure PR stunt to get ppl interested in the game again since they know alot of ppl aren't too plz with GTA4 as a product

Danja3616d ago

If this is a full game as R* says ..

Why do you need the original GTA4 game disc for it to be played..?

Expansion Pack...thats what it with it

pippoppow3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

So an expansion pack is on par with a full retail game now huh. It will probably be a good game especially for the price but please don't insult gamers intelligence. So I guess the next GTA game will be the same length, downloadable and require GTA4 to play it. Can't wait to hear the same nonsense from Bethesda. This has the stench of MS' marketing team all over it.

callahan093616d ago

Ridiculous comment, Haruchi. Of course WipeOut HD is a full game. It has full trophies including a platinum, which only "full games" get, other downloadable games like PixelJunk Eden don't get a platinum trophy, because they are not considered full games (although in my opinion Eden should've been considered a full game; even though it only costs 10 bucks, it is a meticulously designed game, wonderfully executed, sublime in presentation/graphics/music, has full leaderboards, online co-op, and a huge number of missions, it is actually significantly bigger a game than a lot of "full games" I have played). WipeOut HD has leaderboards, split-screen racing, online multiplayer, and a huge campaign.

GTA IV DLC is not a full game for one reason only: you have to own GTA IV in order to play it. Now, if you could download & play it without owning GTA IV, I'd say you can call it a full game. But that is not the case.

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Firstkn1ghT3616d ago

Being a GTA fan this puts a huge smile on my face!!!! :)

*awaits for jealous remarks*

gambare3616d ago

I guess just you, many others traded the game a long time ago and will not buy it again for a DLC

-GametimeUK-3616d ago

*jealous remark*

o wait I have a 360 and GTA4 for it... Still not buying this PoS waste of money :-)

Firstkn1ghT3616d ago

Yeah I guess you guys are right. I mean it only won the most GOTY awards and got an average of a ridiculous high 98% but other than, it sucks! :/

Seriously, what would of liked done better and what didn't you like about it? I thought the game was perfect in every way and loved every minute of it. Vice City is still my favorite but this is my second favorite.

Bathyj3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

If you really want to know knight, you can probably google lists with a couple thousand decent reasons.

GTA4 while it would be a good game if you were playing a sandbox game for the first time, its been fairly universally received as disappointing by gamers.

I dont give a damn what scores it got, the game was a regression for the series, not a progression which is what it should have been.

-GametimeUK-3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

ugh.. I didnt say I disliked GTA but DLC in general is not worth the asking price compared to what you get on the disc... Little Big Planet for example... £40 ish for the game and £10 for the DLC... So basically in theory I should get 1/4 of game worth of content... It doesnt work out like that... Instead you get a few outfits and a few levels... Hardly worth the asking price... (edit) oh and a paintball gun :-S

The same goes for this DLC... I dont see it offering anything that justifies the cost of the DLC... I just stick to the actual game :-)

Oh and the things wrong with GTA... Broken Cover system, lack of clothes in the store, no BF injection, planes?, no tanks,

matter of fact anything that wasnt in past games... It built upon past games (great engine the game was running on)... It was a good game... Just not a good GTA game

Graphics Whore3616d ago

I doubt that firstknight plays games for more than 5 minutes at a time, why even try reasoning with him.

Why dis3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

You lucky SOB ;)

Improved graphics and game mechanics and all.

Dam you \o/

LOL AT *awaits for jealous remarks* for not caring about this as some say, it sure does get alot of attention and reaction for something no one cares about yet folks make it clear how dumb or pointless it is.

Dark General3616d ago

I agree and disagree with you. The game certainly wasn't as bad as alot of people say it is. It was fun, the story was great (something i thought i'd never say about gta games period) and the cast of characters and voice acting was awesome. But as soon as i hit the missions for the mob the interest just dropped. It felt like a slag and the "same ole same ole". It damn there crippled the experience for me.

That and the few missions after you finally get to Darko damn there RUINED a excellent moment in gaming. I actually have to say having that meeting and subsequent decision on weather to kill him or not was one of the best moments i ever experienced in gaming. But adding on the standard "revenge" missions afterwards damn there killed that high point. It wasn't the best game and i have a hard time calling it a truly great game. But it definitely was NOT the "bad game" people call it.

Danja3616d ago

Im wondering if you played the same GTA games last gen as I did..because..both Vice City and San Andreas had great stories..

not to mention ..really well done voice acting....

yes GTA4 was fun for about 2 weeks...but the online portion was what kept me playing after those 2 weeks...thanx mostly in part to GTA: Race.

Compared to what R* accomplished back on the PS2...GTA4 feels like a major step back in every way except Graphics....even the Soundtrack sucked ass...

and I dont see this Lost & Damned Expansion Pack...getting ne better

Dark General3616d ago

The gta stories back in the day were "fun" stories. Not really thought provoking or anything like that. I didn't say they were bad, but they certainly wasn't mature. Mafia's storyline was mature and more thought out. GTA games back then was more like climbing the criminal ladder and dealing with a weird cast of characters. GTA4's story was more than just "climb the criminal ladder". The dialog was more than just "go smoke that fool for me and i'll pay you real good". Sure it had those type of missions but the other dialog and writing was so much more better. So much more mature.

Just think about when Niko talked to Faustines wife or conversations with Dwayne. Those types of scenes and dialog were never in previous gta's. Think about the subtly in which things was said. The situations. While i agree the depth in gameplay such as different fighting styles, additional side missions and missions wasn't as deep SA. But the story, the characters, the driving and dialog was incredible. The soundtrack wasn't as good but still had quite a few nice electronica songs (they had JUSTICE which is awesome).

It didn't have the replay value of the previous games as well. I didn't say it was the greatest game ever, but it still wasn't as bad as some people say.

Danja3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

ok I agree with you...GTA4 did have a more mature feel to it..and ur right....the story was more fleshed out in GTA4..but the game just didn't hold my attention like the other GTA games did

it's not a bad game by ne means , but this is the 1st GTA that many ppl have played that actually felt like a step back in s many you have to see why alot of ppl are so disappointed with the game..

and then when you had so many reviewers praising it like it was the second coming of Jesus only to play the game and ask urself what the hell were they smoking when they wrote there reviews..

The Soundtrack was a mess ..and overall the game is mediocre not good but not bad..

Edit: I wasn't the one who ignored yah....ur pretty cool in my book..and one of the best commenters on N4G...

Dark General3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

I can definitely agree with that sentiment. It wasn't as deep gameplay wise as San Andreas was and had quite the many features missing. But i don't think it wasn't as bad as some people say it was. Honestly i've never been a big gta fan. I usually would just play them at my friends house and do a few missions with them etc. I brought San Andreas and liked it alot. I honestly wasn't going to buy gta4 but i needed a game for my wait in between MGS4.

I was surprised by how good it turned out story wise and even some gameplay things (mostly the driving). But it was missing many a things that was in SA. Like you said a step back in features. And it lost most of it's replay value in lack of things to do in the city. I can definitely agree with those gripes. But i still don't think it was a bad or mediocre game. It surely wasn't that 98 average it has though.

And it seems i gained a new person who's ignoring me. Awesome *laughs*. Edit: I didn't think it was you. And thank you for the kind words, i didn't think anyone would i say was one of the best commentators on N4G. In fact i thought i was just one in the sea of many.

-GametimeUK-3616d ago

I can not believe I have witnessed such a good debate on N4G with both sides taking in each others opinions and also being able to back up their own... You dont see that everyday on here

Rhoic3615d ago

Vice City? Nuuu..

San Andreas? Yus. Plus it had a lot more content.

BUT. This doesn't mean that GTA IV is a bad game.. in fact, it's amazing. And yes, I expect this expansion/full game(since it has a completely different 10 hour story) to sell a lot.

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