GameSpy: Skate 2 Review

Skate was an innovative game in that it did away with the "Jackass" crowd and instead focused on capturing a more realistic approach to the sport, delving deeply into skateboard culture. Now with Skate 2 we get more of the same, which isn't bad by any means. Instead of further innovation we simply get "more." More places to skate, more challenges, more online modes, and of course, more fun. Though it doesn't instill that same sense of wonder as its predecessor, Skate 2 is something that any fan of skateboarding should play.

* Same great controls
* Loads of challenges to tackle
* An authentic representation of skateboarding culture

* Off-board controls are sketchy
* Moving objects around the world isn't that polished; intimidating controls

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-GametimeUK-3617d ago

Day1... I mean later on today :-)

Cant wait to sesh this... I played both demos and the 360 version seemed more polished so thats the version im gonna get despite wanting the PS3 version... Plus I go all out on SKATE looking for people to freeskate with so I am looking forward to forming another clan for this game just like I did with SKATE

Just makes it easier to manage on the 360 :-)