Behind Microsoft's 5,000 job cuts

Analysis Microsoft just announced the first job cuts in its history. You know things are bad. But how bad?Thanks to the tanking PC market, Redmond undershot its own expectations for the normally lucrative second-quarter by nearly $1bn. With Windows revenue dipping eight per cent to $4bn, Microsoft blamed consumers for not buying a second or third home PC and businesses for cutting their investments in IT.

It's worth taking a pause, though: Those 5,000 unlucky individuals represent a mere five per cent of an army that's mushroomed to 90,000 during just four years.

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Graphics Whore3615d ago

Every company is going through this, the fanboys will tell you otherwise.

nurdeens3615d ago

why is a company that is reporting that it made billions of profit last year cutting jobs? Yea i know the econmy is down but cutting jobs would put thousands of people job less and it would make the economy worse than it is now

NaiNaiNai3615d ago

mainly cause they are making billions less then usual. at least they are not like sony and having to jobs and 5 factories.