Cuts call for Microsoft to rethink Windows client

Microsoft's first-ever layoffs point to a need for the company to rethink its Windows client business, which is largely responsible for the disappointing financial results that led to thousands of Microsoft job cuts announced Thursday.

Microsoft's second-quarter results Thursday, in which net profit fell 11 percent, show that the company is still largely dependent on its Windows client business for its financial health. That business in turn is dependent on the market for PC sales, which is currently flat and shows no signs of improving over the short term.

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Graphics Whore3587d ago

"That business in turn is dependent on the market for PC sales, which is currently flat and shows no signs of improving over the short term."

Recession proof.


TheHater3587d ago

I disagree. This have less to do with the recession and more to do with more people adopting Linux and Mac.

Viper73587d ago

Agreed with TheHater, this is not because of Recression. More with the companys recent mistakes with VISTA, which pretty much forced them to act and speed up the progress of Windows 7.

Also the fact that PC gaming is becoming more and more fustrating with all these problems of DRM and other copyfright systems, making ppl to get consoles instead of upgrading their PC:s.
Now the ppl who only use windows for their daily needs like media, internet browsing, office, etc are happy with Microsoft XP and not to mention MAC has been pretty agressive with gaining popularity.

hopefully MAC and Linux will snatch nice share so theyll get more support. Then we can finaly start seeing some competition in OS market :) and finer products from all the "3"

sukru3587d ago

I believe the main issue with Vista is the price. Come on, who would pay $300 for an operating system in this days? Otherwise, people wouldn't have complained that much (I remember XP being slow as hell, and pretty buggy, but people upgraded anyways).

So the only way Vista sold was through PC manufactures, which are suffering themselves (all my friends who got new laptops, got it with Vista, and they do not complain). But if you built your own PC (which is a market that should not be underestimated), you would not want to go with Vista, especially at that prices.

tda-danny3586d ago

I built a gaming rig 8 months ago, and vista was only like a $100.

Edit: It still is:

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Helghast Slayer3587d ago

Correction, R.I.P MicroSCUM

djtek1843586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

r.i.p original xbox
r.i.p vista
r.i.p zune
r.i.p xbo360(next)