Flower Priced, Has Seven -- Not All Sunny -- Levels


"In a press demonstration today, thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen gave us a sneak peek at the latter half of Flower, addressing some of our curiosities, while adding a few new mysteries. In December, we got to play through the first three levels of the PSN title, which has you flying around in the dreams of flowers, collecting petals and beautifying the environment. You can read our impressions here and watch us talk about it on The 1UP Show. But, like many of you out there, we were curious what came next -- the first two levels are quite similar in nature, with the third just hinting at things to come. Will Flower have more than four levels? Do you get to do more than fly around in the sunshine? Now we know the answer."

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DJ3408d ago

I'm buying it, fo sho!

panasonic233408d ago

hell no $10 is too much for this $3 and i buy it

El_Colombiano3408d ago

You need a PS3 to buy this.

Bathyj3408d ago

Yeah, what would you do without that extra 7 bucks.

vdesai3408d ago

Buy school lunch for 14 school days of course. lol

Doppy3408d ago

About what I expected price wise, but I didn't expect the game until March. You know Sping and Flowers and all that good stuff.

phosphor1123408d ago

Some "relaxation" games I want to get are
Generic Shooter..or w/e its called lol, you know what im talkin about.

thereapersson3408d ago

Everyday shooter? That game is really fun, but it gets HARD on the later levels!

Definitely worth the purchase, though.

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ActionBastard3408d ago

Looking forward to this one!

PirateThom3408d ago

I think this will be a good game to relax with.

PataponKnight3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )


Edit: LOL, just noticed the avatar

Zeevious3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Would you mind rolling a Five or Eight?


NJShadow3408d ago

This is gonna be an easy buy. BEAUTIFUL GAME.

Philip J Fry3408d ago

Didn't Braid prove that last year?

LeonSKennedy4Life3408d ago

Okami proved it.
Prince of Persia proved it.

Braid...did not.

Kleptic3408d ago

not to mention flow, which was made by these flower people...

Philip J Fry3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

My point exactly, it has already been proven in the past. Braid was the most recent example I could recall.

thebudgetgamer3408d ago

flower just gives more cred to games as art


but i dont think braid or prince great games but not really art.
but art is subjective though its what you make it

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