UK Retailer Offers In-game Warthog With Halo Wars Pre-order

BeefJack writes, "If you're looking to continue the fight in style, then look no further than the UK video game retailer - Gamestation. With pre-order's of Halo Wars - the Ensemble developed RTS - keen commanders get exclusive access to an in-game U.N.S.C Flaming Warthog..."

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ppisatosspot3376d ago

I was going to pre-order Halo Wars for my 6th Xbox 3fixme (after the previous 5 RROD'ed) but after seeing this Warthog i had to cancel.

You Xbots are PATHETIC and make me feel sick.

Capt CHAOS3376d ago

and isn't it way past your bedtime?

DavidMacDougall3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

Capt CHAOS thinks the world runs all in the same time zone and says children ain't allowed on this site?

Capt CHAOS3376d ago

I don't think it'll do superb or it'll top the ratings but being in the halo universe, it should be interesting.

Birdman183375d ago

every retailer who is preordering Halo wars is offering this warthog.. even best buy in the states is offering it