D*mn You Microsoft

Gamer Limit writes "Out of this generation of consoles we constantly give praise to the Xbox. It has the best online service, the best line up of games, the best interface. For the most part I agreed with this statement up just until I was given the task of setting up a brand new Premium Xbox 360 console along with a Gold Xbox Live membership. It was after finishing this task the only thought running through my head was "D*mn You Microsoft.""

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callahan093410d ago

No reason to approve this, it's basically a blog post of nothing but opinion. However, I do agree that the 360 can bring about many inconveniences.

Fullish3410d ago

True, but the majority of high heat articles are opinion based.

NewZealander3410d ago

yes but this is so far from being "high heat" thats its just not funny

NewZealander3410d ago

yet people are approving it? oh how sad people dont have better things to do with their day :p

Fullish3410d ago

How sad you have to report it 3 times?

FantasyStar3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

What's sad is that you submitted this trash. Slow news day?

Masta_fro3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

i knew this article was a big fat "fail" when i read that "has the best line up" line.

What line up is he talking about?
halo wars?
viva pinata 3000?

even if you take into account Halo osdt and alan wake...thats still no mach for:
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
God of War 3
Resistance 3
LA Noire
Team ICO Game
David Jaffe game
Free growing PSN
i could go on you know...

And it is his opinion and i respect that, but it doesn't mean i agree with him.

Anyways, fortunately my xbox experience has been a good one so far and i think this guy is just exaggerating.

You see, i love my piece of sh!t xbox console...its strange really, like that ps2 feeling you had when you just bought a new game and BAM! disc read error. You would curse the heck out of the ps2, but still you'd fix it just so you could play that new game (Black), or that old one you couldn't put down (MGS2)...

Unfortunately (for Microsoft), one would be an idiot to deny the build quality of its competitor's console ---> the ps3.

And for this reason i find myself pondering the fact that now may be the best time to sell my xbox, while it still has legs...and might i add -> value.

dachiefsman3409d ago

Do you some you people have a notepad out so you can copy and paste the games coming out for *insert console*?

nevermind your probably just working on your typing skills. Keep up the good work and thanks for reminding the community for the bijillionth time.

Rhoic3409d ago

Now get rid of:

-blu ray (Not exactly a game)
-L.A. Noire (Not exclusive)
-Resistance 3 (I don't want to give away spoilers)
-The PSN thingy (Not a game)
-David Jaffe Game (Never heard any announcements about that)

The 360 has just as good of a Line-up as ever..

-Star Ocean 4
-Mass Effect 2
-Alan Wake
-Halo Wars
-Halo 3: ODST (Yes, it is a full game)
-GTA IV: The Lost & Damned (Yes, it is pretty much a full game)
-Velvet Assassin
-Splinter Cell 5

Mozilla893409d ago

"I was very tempted to flame you for saying negative about the big M, although your point is taken.
They DO have the best online service, it’s just a bit annoying that so much effort is required to get online.
But maybe that’s why it is the best, since it has such restrictions to be able to get on."

thegood333409d ago

Can someone please point me in the direction of a video game site that actually posts "news", and not 12 year old's blogs... Thanks

kyleg3409d ago

then don't read it and complain. get out

IdleLeeSiuLung3409d ago

This guys rant is basically about the lack of Wifi (and incorrect information).... If he thinks the Wii is better, then get a Wii. For me, my Wii is collecting dust still waiting for that awesome game to come.

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NewZealander3410d ago

OMG what a weak and pathetic article or should i say blog, im almost embarrassed for the person that submitted it

GiantEnemyLobster3409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Stopped reading there. Probably nothing more than a bitter psTARD.

Kleptic3409d ago

^^agreed...its on the same level of illogical ranting that makes up the foundation of every single post you have ever made...

and just to clarify...

'for this entire generation we have done nothing but praised the Xbox' one could ever argue against that...33% of the things could grenade right in front of you, and you guys wouldn't even blink an eye...

'it has the best online service'...arguably..but you pay for it...and you don't get 1/100th of the high speed dedicated servers that Sony gives you for free...

'it has the best lineup of games'...easily debatable in either direction...both systems have unstoppable games...depends on your gaming tastes...

'it has the best interface'...completely wrong...the award winning xmb toasts both the childish dashboard...and the NXE that appears to have come from a one night stand between Vista and Nintendo...spend any amount of time with either interface...and you are an idiot if you think the easily customizable xmb isn't the most elegant and easy to use interface ever put into a have to remember that consoles do more than just load games now...and the xmb lets you unleash tons of multimedia features with ease...

Gue13409d ago (Edited 3409d ago )

Well, we PS3 owners have to deal with this kind of articles in a daily basis. There are like 4 to 6 articles of this kind everyday. Sometimes the entire front page is filled with sh1t like this...

Most of the time are rants from blogs. It's like, "who cares about you anyway?" you're nobody, no expert, you have no credentials but it gets approved anyway. -Then the bots make a party in the open zone.

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