IGN : Killzone 2 AU Release Date Announced

Patrick Kolan writes "For those still hanging out for final confirmation of Killzone 2's Australian release date, wonder no more. Sony Computer Entertainment Australia today confirmed that Killzone 2 will be releasing on February 26 in Australia.

This is actually two days ahead of the US release date (when factoring in the time delay), so eager Aussies get a chance to paint Helghan red earlier than our yankee counterparts. Makes for a nice change, doesn't it?"

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TrevorPhillips3614d ago

yesss finally and the best thing is that a couple weeks later resident evil 5 comes out :)

MAR-TYR-DOM3614d ago

cause i know i wont be playing any other game besides KZ2 for months. COD4.... de ja vu anyone?

BooZe3614d ago

I know what youre saying man.. I've been playing COD4 ever since it got released, and I cant wait to go competitive in Killzone 2. Its going to be jizztastic indeed.

TheColbertinator3614d ago

I'm glad to see the Aussies didn't get screwed with a waiting period.

PirateThom3614d ago

So, that's the US, Europe and Australia get it before the UK?

SCEE hates us the most. :P

resistance1003614d ago

lol, the only reason the UK is getting it on the friday is because thats the traditional day for games to be released here. Now that i think about it LBP is the only game not to release on a friday here this generation and that was only because of the delay.

Still when i've pre-ordered online i've always ended up with the game on the thursday (26th) and i hope its the same case with this game.

cayal3614d ago

gee I had a topic closed when I posted the Aussie release date a few days ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.