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Wolf8733318d ago

shame, but it was too good to be true anyways. Anyone try Fear Demo, is it worth wasting bandwidth on?

Mirage7493318d ago

I thought the F.E.A.R 2 demo was mildly scary, but as far as shooters go, it seems to be pretty average.

Genesis53318d ago

I liked the Fear 2 demo. I really want to try the Wipeout though I was thinking of getting it.

Masta_fro3318d ago

if you tried the first one and enjoyed it, there's no reason why you should no try the second one...

Its also a good idea because you'll play this, then play killzone 2 and be blown away by the difference in quality haha...

But definitely try that WipeOUT HD demo, if you haven't yet...

Mirage7493318d ago

I'm definitely not saything the F.E.A.R. 2 demo was bad. I thought it was decent. All I'm saying is that it's not anything that is going to be receiving that much praise. It's just an average shooter. That is, of course, my opinion on it.

Genesis53318d ago

Yeah it is a lot like other shooters it's no Killzone 2 that's for sure. I still had fun taking a couple of runs through it though.

Theoneneo813318d ago

yeah i also wanted to get wipe out but i dont wanna waist 20 bucks if it turns out to be crap i really wish psn had more demos of the psn games when they first come out instead of waiting 3+ months

Mirage7493318d ago

You're definitely right about that. It's nothing special, but it is decentely entertaining. I've gone through it a few times myself.

Megaton3318d ago

Pretty dull. I recommend the Fear 2 demo though, it's pretty good. Scary, long, cool mech at the end.

Wolf8733318d ago

Definitely going to try WipeOut HD demo, I heard lot of good things about the actual game.

ThanatosDMC3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

Fear 2 is not scary. Play Dead Space.

The demo was lacking compared to the PC version of Fear 1. I'm a big fan too... oh well...

BTW, for those that are interest in buying Fear Gold Edition (first game with the first expansion) buy it from a Half Price bookstore. It's only $10 for two great games.


lokiroo4203318d ago

The wipeout demo is a good thing, the game will open your eyes, 75 zones will teach you thing or two.

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Rice3318d ago


chaosatom3333318d ago

and fear is 698 mb?

umm, looks like it's really high Quality.

No FanS Land3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

WipEout demo 1.02 Gb ? WTF I own the game and it's 998 Mb !

Edit: Forgot both patches.

BulletToothtony3318d ago

when you buy the game it's a very few kbts file that all it does is unlock the whole game..

that's why it's so big ;)

Masta_fro3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

i think its a pretty decent update...

except for that skate 2 dlc which is just ridiculous.

There used to be a time in gaming where this was known as a "cheat" and it was free, and people weren't stupid enough to actually pay for them.

Obama will hopefully change all that...

bassturd3318d ago

Skate 2 Time is Money pack...

really people?

Why even bother buying the game then.

NipGrip3318d ago

There's a $5 bot coming you can download that simply plays the game for you. You just watch it going through the moves and never have to put down your nachos to grab the controller.

All hail EA. Masters of nickle and dime-ing consumers for cheat codes.

"u,u,d,d,l,r,l,r,start? That'll be $5 thanks."

NipGrip3318d ago

Only salvaged by the FEAR 2 demo. They need an enema over at the PSN update division and get some folks in there that know how to kick a$$ and chew bubblegum. They have so much potential in the PS1 library and more, it's time to leverage that.

Masta_fro3317d ago

dont hold your breath...its a 10 year plan!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaahahahahahahahah

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