The World Ends With You sequel coming to Wii?

Director Tatsuya Kando has expressed interest in developing a sequel to the cult DS game 'The World Ends With You' as well as the possibility of a sequel being developed for the Wii.

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panasonic233561d ago

yes omg i love the ds version i can only hope that it be the same for wii

Homicide3561d ago

Awesome if true. It looks like every console is getting RPGs, except maybe PS3.

Elven63561d ago

I heard good things about Valkyra Chronicles, technically isn't Yakuza 3 a RPG??

Elven63561d ago

I haven't played it although I have heard very good things about the game, I might pick it up in a bit.

Dark_Vendetta3560d ago

If you have a DS, go out and get it. First I thought wtf is this? Some emo crap from Japan, but I really really loved it

Reibooi3561d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.