Developer Cites 360 Graphics as Reason for Exclusivity

In an interview with Stoked Producer Tony Chiodo, he said that graphical capabilities were one of the reasons they stayed exclusive to the Xbox 360.

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chaosatom3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

It's easier to develop for 360 and they are able to produce better graphics because of it. Maybe it's not so easy to develop for ps3 and hence they DON'T know the ps3's graphic capabilities. All they know is 360 or maybe Wii.

Also the title is misleading, the quote is this:
"perfect platform for Stoked given the console’s rich graphical capabilities "

It's a pretty general response any developer would say for the 360 or any another system.

They are not going to Say "MS gave us Loads of Money, that's why" or
"We can't Develop for Ps3 because we don't have the Skills to Do so"

HighDefinition3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

After the Killzone2 overload people have expierenced, even 360 fanboys have to laugh at that headline.

To be brutally honest, the 360 seems to be graphically getting it`s @ss handed to it in 2009. Good luck Stoked!!!!

SullyDrake3610d ago

I bet Microsoft paid them to say that.

Plus, Stoked's visuals kinda blow.

Hydrolex3610d ago

KILLZONE 2 !! The best looking game on console so far, yes if 360 had a game better looking than killzone 2 then yes we could say somethin

MasFlowKiller3610d ago


why did it take less time to have Superior visual(Drake Uncharted) on the PS3?

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003610d ago

I think you have the wii and 360 mixed up.

medziarz3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

They failed to do a multiplatform and now trying to spin it.
It's similar to Haze' advertising...

original seed3610d ago

Stop being such a Phucken Fanboy. Take it to the open zone. Not every exclusive game is Paid by Microsoft. It just might be the ease as you stated.

LordDhampire3610d ago

Well if anyone you would of actually read the article, you would see that the author took it out of context and he didn't even say it like that, he said it Good graphics and its ease of development, he didn't say better graphics he also stated the main reason was the xbl connectivity

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drewdrakes3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Im not going to state my opinion on how stupid you all sound debating these graphics as though you all know what youre talking about.

But after an hour i dont notice graphics, i notice gameplay.

BenzMoney3610d ago

It's CITE you idiot, not 'site'! Try picking up a dictionary once in a while. You're looking for the short form of the word 'citation'. God, what passes for journalism these days. What a joke.

littletad3610d ago

I knew there was a reason I have you on ignored.

Anyways, it's a fact that the 360 is easier to develop for. That's all the article is, the title doesn't say the 360 graphics are better. And of course, being a contagious Sony fan your gonna proclaim they threw money again. Quit trying to turn your comment into a popularity test between Sony fans and Xbox fans every chance u get.

robep33610d ago

Have a look at Stoked screen shots HE says PS3 cant do THAT what 3 colours! Stoked screen shots consist of 3 repeat 3 colours white snow green trees and blue sky LOL!


Danja3610d ago

well basically they're saying they like the easy approach that the 360 hardware offers when it comes to making games..

which is fine by me...good for them..but lets see if ur game will be any good..

LinuxGuru3610d ago

Sorry that you feel left out.

elitewh0re3610d ago

jesus.. some of you guys are sorely butt hurt. there has been loads of articles on this upcoming game and no-one comments on them bar maybe a few actually interested in the sport, but as soon as it mentions 360 graphics some of you fanboys take this personally.. seriously, i hope justifying the reason for this articles title helps you sleep better at night... haha bloody fanboys..

r3xmund13610d ago

ZOMG! M$ gave us some cash, and gave a coach which told us the points to highlight... Like Live and stuff... yeah..... and really graphically the PS3 is suxxor and Xbox is teh win yeah!


M$ seriously, concentrate on making good games that I want to buy (even though I am on my 7th Xbox, which is a Halo 3 Special Edition) and not try to convince yourselves and the whole world that the PS3 is NOT a great machine.

Seriously you're trying to beat a dead horse that was shot in the face by Guerilla Games...

Giriath3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I agree. The Xbox 360 is more like a computer (with a better graphics card, too), where as the Playstation 3 is entirely new with the CELL. The Xbox 360 is thus the best of the two to develop for when making games with average graphics and a low budget. The extra money gained from Microsoft will also be appealing for smaller companies that can't really afford to develop for two consoles.

On the other hand, big budget exclusive games for the Playstation 3 will be able to get better graphics. The Playstation 3 has a few problems due to its graphics card, but Sony's owned studios have learned how to compensate for them.

In the end, the Playstation 3 will always have a steady flow of AAA 1st party exclusives with better graphics than the competetion. The Xbox 360 will have many average exclusives, and how many exclusive AAA titles it gets depends on how many studios Microsoft buys out.

InMyOpinion3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Some of you fail to realize that developing games costs money. What the Stoked devs probably meant was that the 360 can give them better graphics for less money. It would cost them more money to achieve the same results on the PS3. You have to take into account that Killzone 2 cost $50+ million to develop. Who knows what a 360 game with a $50+ million developing budget would look like?

I also think the economic recession will result in more third party 360 exclusives. Cheaper development + larger install base. The Wii might see a boost in that area as well.

Helghast3610d ago

and even I'm not "stoked" for this game

jadenkorri3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

in all seriousness, the 360 is good for new developers, as it lets them make a new IP and release it within a resonable time, who cares if someone says its easier and graphically better, we all know its not, ps3 has already proved it with MGS4, before long those devs will be working on a ps3 title eventually...

vhero3610d ago

Flamebait and besides this is bongfish FFS this aint one of the great gaming devs talking here people...

salgoods3609d ago

yeah like Too Human. lol. Everytime some 360 fan brings up the budget of Killzone 2 and the time it took, it can easily be countered with 2 words "Too Human"

InMyOpinion3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

When Gears of War 1 was released it was as graphically stunning as we think Killzone 2 is right now. Back in 2005 nothing came close to it. The difference between Gears 1 and Killzone 2 is that Gears only cost $10 million to develop when Killzone 2 cost $50+ million. Who knows what Epic could do with a $50 million budget?

thegood333609d ago

The guy basically said it is easier to develop for xbox, and that the live community is very strong.

I thought this was a no spin zone... LOL

cherrypie3609d ago

I didnt even need to come here - I just *knew* someone would be making that argument.

This has nothing to do with PS3 being more "difficult" - it has everything to do with MS's excellent design decisions, the hardware and SDK for Xbox 360.

But, no matter, spin spin spin away.

General Pinky3609d ago

where are the admin's....this news has noting to do with the ps3 or why are you guys here talking about this game..if you want to talk about the game then yea do so...but stop talk about that one game you guys were wating for and still wating for...
And plz admin do you ban me for saying some things and these guys can say anything...

n4f3609d ago

see that one proof that 360 is better and cheaper better graphic better way to program it by the look at that screenshot it WAY better than gow3 and heavy rain combined.. so hightly tech advance it could not even go out on the ps3. now ps3 fanboi wtf are you gonna say? ''they are getting pay to say that by microsoft'' if you cant handle the truth that ur problem. you know why everybody hate ps3 fanboi? bcause they alway have something to say . its like they dont have game to play so they trash other people console.yeah msg4 andother FEW stuff like but then what else? everything is on the 360 and better looking it play better. yeah go ahead put me buble down i dont give a danm cause if i get ban im gonna play game not watching bluray movie on a video game system.ironically the ps3 is the strongest console but it only good at playing bluray movie..... even sony sell it has a bluray player.

emitsomla3609d ago

From the developer’s perspective, they believe, like the majority, the Xbox 360 is more capable in terms of graphics. They are not the only ones to think this. Sony cult members want to say "what about Killzone", which is a legitimate argument... but what the cult members fail to realize is that it took Guerrilla five years and millions of dollars to squeeze out the power of the ps3. In terms of money and time, the xbox 360 is more capable of producing superior graphics than the PS3. In other words, if the same amount of time and money is given to developers for both platforms to produce a game, the xbox 360 will be graphically superior always. I will probably loose a bubble for this, because of the infestation of sony cult members... They do not take criticism well... This bubble system sucks, if you criticize Sony you loose a bubble, criticize Microsoft you gain.... BROKEN SYSTEM!

aftrdark213609d ago

is Stoked? Never heard of it before....

shelbygt333609d ago

SHUT THE F UP ABOUT WHICH CONSOLE IS BETTER!!! By this time can't you REALIZE that the abilities of one are canceled out by the abilities of the other? SHEESH! You'd think that each one of you had all of your life savings in either Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo.

Unless you do - GET OVER IT! Do you get some sort of self appreciation over the fact Killzone 2 looks great? Does it make you feel better if Cod4 sold more on the 360? Who cares if the Wii Fit is still being sold out everywhere?

I'm not immune, and I can be a hypocrite. Sure I've joined in on the idiotic discussions before. But you all need to SHUT UP. All consoles are great, they all are doing EXTREMELY well during this global economic downturn, and all of them will continue to have great games that we can enjoy.

Ugh... N4G is a joke these days.

BlindMonkey3609d ago

You sound like a god damn broken record jenzo. Even if MS had $50million to work with, it would not be possible for them to exceed Killzone 2 in the graphics department. 360 is already peaking and GG stated that they can make the next killzone look better than the second. Sorry but the 360 doesn't have that kind of power.

CommonSense3606d ago

it's hilarious seeing all the ps3 fanboys crying and shouting "killzone 2" cuz an actual developer said they like making games for 360. you're just little noobs, you're gamers at best (although if you only support one system, you're not even gamer, your a fanboy), you don't know a thing about game development and you don't know anything about hardware obviously. it's been long since squashed that the ps3 is more powerful than the 360. i remember when ps2 came out sony spread rumors that terrorists were trying to get ahold of it cuz it was the most powerful processor on the planet. baaahaha. give me a break. the systems are about equal and if these DEVELOPERS ( you know...ppl who know wtf they are talking about) say they prefer developing for 360, then that's the way it is. you don't get to put words in their mouth. especially since you're obviously clueless.

don't you noobs have anything better to do than throw tantrums?

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Aclay3610d ago

"The Xbox 360 platform was viewed as the perfect platform for Stoked given the console’s rich graphical capabilities"

LOL, One of the reasons the 360 was chosen because of graphical capabilities? Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 says "Hi".

I don't know why the developers didn't just state that the 360 was easier to develop for, it's obvious. The 360 can keep this Snowboarding game, if Sony wanted to bring back a Snowboarding game Exclusively on the PS3, they've got the Cool Boarders franchise they can always go back to.

pwnsause3610d ago

I hope Idol Minds goes back into developing another Cool Boarders game again. Cool Boarders 01 was my first PS2 game.

Kushan3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Hey two games that aren't released yet REALLY prove your point!
Even when KZ2 is released, how do you know a future 360 game isn't going to "look better" than it? Seriously, saying KZ2 is the one proof that the PS3 is the "superior" console is dumb, there's always going to be a better looking game down the line, on both fronts.

Why is it so hard for PS3 fanboys to believe that their console isn't the holy grail? The 360 is a powerful console, it's also easy to use, which means you can get more out of it. Sure, the PS3 may have more POTENTIAL power in the end, but that doesn't mean it's easy to access. The end result is they're about the same in the end.

Plus, I've said it before and I'll say it again - comparing the graphics of a console exclusive is pointless, before you even try to retort this one statement, google "fair testing" and tell me how it applies here. Otherwise admit defeat, hit "disagree" and pretend you did something.

Why dis3610d ago

I think Alan Wake already passed KZ2 :)

Anon19743610d ago

It's looking cool but it's time to get your peepers checked. It doesn't hold a candle to what we've seen from Killzone 2, or Heavy Rain.

Why dis3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Stop calling me POG

AW looks better period its photo real vs a cartoony art style with some effects.


You talking about that QTE pre rendered video you call a game?

Why are you people in this 360 room?

Blademask3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

I think KZ2 just kills everything, but since its not out yet we can stick to:

Uncharted: Called best looking console game out by Gametrailers. Gamepro Questioned whether or not it can be done on the 360.



Little Big Planet

Motorstorm2.. (the demo was an old build)

Are all leaps and bounds beyond anything the Unreal Engine can muster up guys. Its just a plain fact. THats why MGS4 won SpikeTV's graphics award, as well as Gamespots, and its why Gears wasn't even nominated.

We have 2 sides of the PS3's grpahical argument. Oneside is the delusional 360fanboys pretending the Unreal Engine is the HOLY GRAIL, and we have everyone else in the industry giving the PS3 its graphical props, it deserves it. Because it makes second to none visuals & gameplay.

Anyone that thinks Heavy Rain is nothing but QTE's needs to play Indigo Prophecy. Your entire argument is rendered useless when you realize that that game has more 'gameplay' than most and the game changes with each choice you make. If its called nothing but QTE's so should Mass Effect. Now you might get to see how retarded that argument is.

Even if Heavy Rain was nothing but rendered QTE's it would still be graphically superior to anything ever done on the 360. Which is another fact.

The biggest title the 360 has is a multiplatform Alan Wake that looks nothing close to photorealistic. Pog, find me any story/article calling ALAN WAKE PHOTO REAL outside of just you. The only Photoreal game on the market is Gran Turismo 5 prologue.

2005: "Buh buh alan wake"
2006: "Buh buh alan wake"
2007: "Buh buh alan wake"
2008: "Buh buh alan wake"
2009: "Buh buh alan wake"

Post shots or shut up about alan wake.

Madgunner3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

although some of your statements do hold some concrete points, why is it that the xbox360 a console that has been out a YEAR longer has not been able to produce a game to the likes of killzone 2... the only thing that we know that ms has that may come CLOSE... well not close but , something to showcase their graphics is alan wake and thats not even turning heads , dont get me wrong looks like a good game and remedy usually delivers but to say that the xbox360 is on par with ps3 in terms a graphics is just DUMB on your part especially when the proof will be in the hands of gamers and FEB 27th ... FEB 5 for gamestop preorders

i am not saying Xbox can NEVER produce a game like killzone 2... but man i just dont see it happening any time soon and if it does they are pretty late to the party.

Kushan3610d ago

Probably because Microsoft would rather buy an exclusive than have a first party developer make one. Sony takes the opposite approach and seems to get better results. I honestly don't think the hardware is the only factor here.

And for the record, I think this article is either BS or incredibly misleading, just in case anyone thinks I'm having a go at the PS3.

Sevir043610d ago

we all know the 360 version will look like far less glossy and beautiful. on the 360 Gears 2 is the best looking game. nothing else beats it on the 360. not even alan wake. on the PC however, alan wake looks amazing. when ever we finally hear news about alan wake which i really think it'll be next year when it's finally released then we can talk.

at this point there is no use in arguing, KZ2 starts off the year for PS3, then the graphics baton is carried of to Quantic dreams with HR, then to Insomniac and then to NaughtyDog.. deal with it. 2009 is when the PS3 games look better than 360 games by a country MILE!!!!

RememberThe3573610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

The only one pertending they did something is you.

Show me a game on the 360 that puts out graphics equal to Killzone 2 or Heavy Rain. You can't do it because the 360 doesn't have it.

I really like my 360, but the way I see it, the 360 can't hang with the PS3 graphically.

And exclusives are the only thing that we can compare. Multi-platform games don't push the consoles the way exclusives do.

Also, I agree that hardware is not the only factor. There is a talent gap between the two first-partys. I truly wish MS would have put that 50mil into a game that would push their console to it's limits.

bennyace3610d ago

How nobody talks about Resistance 2 graphics anymore to prove a point but when it was not out everybody was citing this game like they do now with Killzone ans Uncharted. I might actually buy Killzone 'cause the gameplay looks good. I just hope the A.I. is better than Resistance 2, where even if you're a group of 10 soldiers all the aliens come only after you, and the other soldiers don't help you at all. Glad i rented and did not buy.

LinuxGuru3610d ago

Resistance 2 was fantastic-looking. Fully dynamic lighting in every level (flashlight casting shadows behind objects at all times) great effects, incredible sense of scale...I literally stared with my mouth open wide the first time you come to the bridge and you see the ships in the air, bombing the crap out of everything.

Resistance 2 had great animation, great lighting, and much improved textures over the first title.

R2 is a great-looking game, and the art style and direction is definitely something I enjoy.

It wasn't hailed as the second coming of Christ, it was being talked about because of its improvements over the first game. The scale, lighting, textures, and effects were all improved fairly dramatically, and the game pretty much spoke for itself once it was released.


hummm, must be a different R2 that you played.

the textures were... bland and the lighting...well from the first person you didn't even cast a shadow.

i played it and finished it, i am sorry but resistance 2 didn't look that great. some things like the blood splatter effects etc look, well... thick red paint comes to my mind

resistance strengths were in its numbers. the number of characters it had on screen. but ya, the AI was not that great at all either.

i could go on about it but ya R2 does speak for itself.. and while resistance is speaking, Killzone 2 will be creaming down your eardrum and knocking you over the head with a bat !

Panther527993609d ago

it is amazing how when the xbox released, the Sony fans were all saying that graphics dont matter. the xbox had superior graphics to the ps2, but "graphics dont matter", it is gameplay. fast forward to today and all of a sudden, graphics matter to sony fans. i believe this is called hypocrisy!! listen, the classics (ms. pacman, donkey kong, centipede etc...) were wildly popular, and to some extent still are. why? because the games were fun and challenging. it does not matter what a game looks like or what system it is on, gameplay rules the day in the end. i prefer the xbox, but i hope kz 2 is a wild success and is fun. in the end, it is about the games, not the system. lets all grow up and stop the fanboy wars and just enjoy the hobby to it's fullest please.

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Sasanova3610d ago

if the developer is so much of a programming noob to say something like that, i dont want their games on my ps3...garbage anyway

Nathan Drake3610d ago

I'm looking at the game and it looks like it can be done on Wii:

Jazz41083609d ago

The truth is "If you all were not so jealous or Afraid of the 360, you would not be in this 360 thread trolling, and yes you are trolling, because you are adding nothing to this thread but ps3 bullsh!t. Get the Fuk out of here!!!!!!!

mastiffchild3609d ago

Fair comment-nothing special.and @DWitness- R2 was graphically fabulous you just get confused with artstyle and texture obsession. It isn't hyper realistic or the Gears standards browns-and went for the largelt primary colours of 50's americana for the juxtapositionm of that gaudy/happy backdrop with the gritty characters(still the best enemy characters this gen)and subject matter.
It looked different so you hang it.
For realism look at HR on consoles, for the ll round packae see MGS4 and Killzone2. Some AW stuff has me interested in the PC version but anyone without their 360 goggles on can see HR is the better lookin game right now and it isn't close-Uncharted2 looks better than AW as well ro me.

No FanS Land3610d ago

Actually the 360's GPU is stronger than the PS3's.
But I think they forgot how Ps3's graphics can be overwhelming when you know how to use the cell in "coop" with its GPU. I mean come on, don't tell me Heavy rain looks half baked. (and of course that little FPS coming out soon, dubbed as the graphical juggernut, I just didn't want to say it, it's not the only good looking game)

The Lazy One3610d ago

killzone 2 looks way better than heavy rain tbh.

Kleptic3610d ago

its nice to see someone actually not be ignorant when talking about the GPU of the 360 vs. the PS3...

first of all...Sony never released official specs of the RSX...everything is based on the confirmation of it being based on a G78...Sony claims that it has some major differences architecturally though, to allow 'co-op' with the PS3's CPU...

and thats the point...a lot of ignorance comes pouring out when people start saying 'the gpu of the PS3 sucks compared to the 360's' the PS3's GPU and CPU were designed to complement each other entirely...

look at killzone 2...GG confirmed that the Cell CPU is rendering nearly 40% of the engine at times...thats on its own...the CPU of the 360 never does anything more than just tells the GPU what to render only runs the base code, and gives instructions to the GPU...while the GPU may be on paper more powerful than the RSX...the CPU of the PS3 is nearly 3x as fast at specific calculations...such as physics, lighting, and animation...

in laymen...its why the PS3 can render things like killzone 2...and the 360 hasn't come close...the_end.exe

JD_Shadow3610d ago

"killzone 2 looks way better than heavy rain tbh."

Killzone 2 right now looks way better than 9/10ths of the games that are coming out, and that's just from looking at the internet trailers and HipHopGamer's show when he was showing stuff from the beta on it.


good points, i like the 360 more, but it is tiresome reading all these posts from people who seem to just want to lie to themselves.

everyone talks about killzones graphics... as someone who was not hyped for the game, to be really honest its not just the graphics that have impressed me so much. infact i am actually much more impressed with the animation and physics from what i have seen.

killzone 2 is more then just a graphical showcase. there have been loads of good looking games, but things like AI, physics etc have let them down a bit. killzone covers all of that and misses nothing out. if feels like its the complete package if you know what i mean and that is what impressed me the most about it.

as for this game, i can't comment because i know its not my type of game so i won't be getting it.

I do believe the 360 can push some amazing stuff... if and its a big if, if M$ give the right devs the money and the time. my personal feeling is that MS do seem to rush devs with their exclusive IP's.

anyway, only the future knows. but i believe it will be a good year for both systems.

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