Mac Gets New Virus

On Thursday Intego, a security software company for Mac OS, sent out a warning to everyone about a new trojan
horse virus that is spreading around the internet. Currently the trojan is only found in pirated versions of Apple's iWork '09 software.

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TaylorFlatt3584d ago

Haha…Apple is going to lose a LOT of money out of this. Their whole point of being “better than pc” is by not having viruses (among some other things). Now, that this is shot, what are they going to do?

The only way they will be able to get rid of this is by acting quickly and getting rid of this. Still, the damage has been done…can’t wait to see their whole reaction to this…

drewdrakes3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

People who think Macs wont have viruses are stupid. They already exist for it, unfortunately there arent enough Macs for it to spread.

One hacker called OSX like "swiss cheese" to hack. And the OSX laptop being hacked first proved it. It took third party software to hack a Windows computer, but MS doesnt get any credit for that (being able to hack it isnt their fault, its Adobe's (who are the worst programmers in the world in my opinion)).

Edit to below: Flash is ok because it was mainly developed by Macromedia (though adobe is messing it up real quick, silverlight is actually looking better). But the first thing i do with a computer is uninstall adobe acrobat reader and install Foxit reader (amazing difference).

TaylorFlatt3584d ago

I know what you mean Drew...Macs are decent computers however, I have a lot of friends that run with the above phrase and it ticks me I am sending this to all of them so that they can finally see "recent" proof that they "can" get it.

One thing I don't like about Adobe, is it is almost required for full use of your computer. There are some many places out there that require you to use it for one thing or another. Oh well, it isn't so much of a hassle, just annoying I suppose (much like others like it).

Janga01163584d ago

It goes to show there there are good and bad things of all operating systems, and that all are just as vulnerable to viruses as others.

jack who3584d ago

hi am a mac am a lil sick will sumone help me? plz

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