Video Games Outsell Movies in 2008, First Time Ever

Last year, retail video games outsold DVD and Blu-ray discs worldwide for the first time, according to a 2008 wrap-up and 2009 forecast by Media Control GfK International.

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italianbreadman3614d ago

The new kid on the block is taking over. :-)

rucky3614d ago

Exactly we taking over the entertainment industry! :p

Cajun Chicken3614d ago (Edited 3614d ago )

Allons-y! Games industry!

Bnet3433614d ago

*queue taking over rap song*

SCThor3614d ago

quoting this one...some journalist are really sad.

IzKyD13313613d ago

Hopefully video games will be taken more seriously in the mainstream media as opposed to a punching bag with all the "video games promote violence" crap

Tsalagi3613d ago

Doubtful. If anything this will give the "gamers are addicts" people more fuel for their idiocy.

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cain1413614d ago

I love me some video games...

Viewtiful3614d ago

One small step for giant leap for gamer kind.

SlamVanderhuge3614d ago

First movies...then the WORLD!

rucky3614d ago

Batman and Robin flashbacks!... *head explodes*

poindat3614d ago

Not a surprise when you consider that most movies out today are the same rehashed crap just put into a new package. Also a reason why I no longer watch movies, bar some real winners and the classics.

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The story is too old to be commented.