IGN: The World Ends WIth You Interview

2008 was a huge year for Nintendo DS, but in the end of it all one game stood at the top of IGN's lists as the best of the best. The World Ends With You, brought over from the Japanese developer Jupiter by longtime Nintendo supporter Square Enix, scored not only their top Game of the Year award, but also best RPG on the system, best story, best new IP, and nominations for best artistic design and best original score. That's a laundry list of success.

On the sales side, The World Ends With You is also surpassing IGN's own expectations for the product here in the states, and Square Enix has gone on record saying the same thing. It seems that this quirky, unconventional RPG has blown up into superstar status. But will gamers see more from the series? IGN tracked down Tatsuya Kando, director for The World Ends With You, and chat about the game's success, the work that goes into creating a role-playing game that breaks the mold, pushing new IPs on DS.

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