Corsair officially enters the SSD market

Fudzilla writes, "128GB model just released.

Some time ago, we reported that Corsair did not think the time was right to enter the SSD market, but they were watching the market closely. Just four months have passed since that statement, and the company has recently released its first mainstream 2.5-inch model based on Samsung 30nm 64Gbit MLC NAND flash. "

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FantasyStar3612d ago

hmmm....If they're charging $340 roughly, that's not very today's standards at least. I'm going to wait until this whole SSD deal gets standardized. It's going to be misleading for consumers to buy SSDs and have to look, not only for price: but for speed and reliability, cell format(SLC/MLC), and wear leveling tech as well: things that mainstream consumers don't want to deal with.

At least with SATA, and mechanical HDDs: you knew what to expect just by looking at the damn thing itself.