TQcast Episode 52

The latest TQcast covers some very interesting topics, including one that stood out. "Killzone 2 will be what Gears of War was to the XBOX360".TQcast elaborates on how Killzone 2 will be that one game that even the casual gamer will turn to when deciding to buy a next gen console because of the way the game looks. They go on, on how Gears of Wars was a neck breaker due to the graphics, and that's exactly what Killzone 2 will do as well. "Even the average Joe will want to play KillZone 2, just because it looks so good"

TQcast EP52 (2:11) TQcast is back for your ears!

* KillZone 2 Flop or Copp?
* PS3 Wireless Keypad TQ Review
* MGS4 Desz Review
* Pixel Junk Franchise cannot be stopped
* Juice is still Pixel trophy-less
* Desz calls out Valve (Left 4 Dead = Better on PS3)
* CES Winners
* Windows 7 Impressions
* Plus your video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week!

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Mr_Zkaar3615d ago

Killzone 2 MP is going to be frickin awesome, that's what I'm most looking forward to.

Kleptic3615d ago

picked up one of those official keypads too this week...and its actually pretty cool...a lot more convenient than digging out my big media board thing I got 2 years...

i'm set for killzone 2...good headset, and/or PS eye if I need it for a mic...good keyboard now that I always have close by...and a new ISP, which is about like 10x faster than my old connection...

i'm set...anyone add me and pm if they want to set up a decent clan, or just play killzone 2 a lot...i can't wait...

chaosatom3615d ago

Ingame gameplay looking like CGI graphics = gamers dropping their jaws

ThanatosDMC3615d ago

So we cant use our Promo codes we got from Gamestop... that sucks. They should at least let us download and install the game just like Metal Gear Online did.

HDgamer3615d ago

This game will get many more gamers to join the fun.

thebudgetgamer3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

cant wait to own some of you fools



Omega63615d ago


Im already practicing by watching kz2 vidoes and mimicking the control movements.
psn: dread9

CryofSilence3614d ago

I <3 you guys. In the least homo way, that is. ^.^

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The story is too old to be commented.