Top 10 Rhythm/Music Games

"The goddess of groove. The baroness of beats. The, er, well, you get the picture -- I'm quite fond of music and rhythm games. Considering PaRappa the Rapper was my first taste of hot, steamy next-gen graphics (way back when), it's only natural that my insatiable lust for all things musical began back then. And before the PS1, there was Tempo for the Genesis that incorporated musical motifs. It seems I was born to appreciate the more melodious notes of gaming. While I do enjoy every type of game out there, there's a special place in my heart for those that get me flailing around on a dance mat or belting out tunes in front of friends and family. That's why it gives me great pleasure to bring you my top ten music and rhythm games of all time. But everyone and their brother either owns or has played Guitar Hero or Rock Band, so don't expect to find them on here. With that said, enjoy!"

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ThePimpOfSound3589d ago

never tried parappa. hear good things though

James Abels3589d ago

I will never forget Amplitude that was my GH before GH

Viewtiful3589d ago

I can understand wanting to cater towards the more unknown games, but there are two HUGANTIC omissions on this list. Seriously, they're friggen humongous.

cain1413589d ago

Not Putting them on this list is like not putting the US and China on a world map saying everyone already knows those anyway...

NeverforgetNES3589d ago

Parappa the Rapper....PUNCH, KICK....PUNCH, KICK, BLOCK....Good times.

ihaten4glol3589d ago

Who cares if Guitar Hero/Rock Band was included? We know they're fun/good/amazing, whatever you want to call it. Baww. Get over it. Do you really want to read time and time again how AMAZING they are or would you rather hear about different games? Plus, the only mentioned it in the beginning of the freaking article.

cain1413589d ago

No DDR either? No Singstar?

Seems like a lot of the more popular ones are missing...

shoinan3589d ago

10 Great Music/Rhythm games if you didn't want Guitar Hero or RB on there. Ah well, controversy is fun :)

ihaten4glol3589d ago

DDR is actually on there. =/

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The story is too old to be commented.