WTP Review: Personal Trainer: Math

Personal Trainer: Math is the latest in a growing line Nintendo DS titles designed to teach and instruct more than to entertain. This trend, which started with Brain Age, includes everything from language teaching games to even food preparation with Personal Trainer: Cooking. This title, of course, is meant to improve math skills.

A cartoon version of Professor Hideo Kageyama, a real-life Japanese math guru who believes in the power of the 100-Cell Math learning method, hosts the game. His 100-Cell Math technique revolves around a blank 10x10 grid with a one set of numbers on the X-axis and another on the Y-axis. Students then connect numbers similar to a standard multiplication table, adding/subtracting/multiplying the figures to fill in all the squares on the grid. The method combines rote learning with speed, and feels tailor-made for the Nintendo DS touch screen.

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