Will Sony Be Acquired And Is Stringer The Right Leader?

Serious questions are today being asked about the performance of Sir Howard Stringer the Welsh-born former TV journalist who as the CEO and Chairman of Sony has just announced that the Japanese consumer electronics Company will make losses this year of over A$3.8 Billion dollars.

The problem for Stringer is that he is a Westerner in very Japanese Company and although a great many of the shareholders are from the USA and Europe there is still a strong current of support in the Company particularly from the engineering and technology sides for a Japanese CEO.

The loss only strengthens their case say Analysts who believe that Stringer may walk away from the top job at Sony.

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RememberThe3573584d ago

He's had his chance and he failed. Bring Kutaragi back and set the company straight.

Cajun Chicken3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Uhhh, Kutaragi was only the SCE dept.

Although, it would be nice for him to come back, also, Cellius.

FantasyStar3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

I thought Kutagari reserved himself to R&D. I doubt they'll want to bring him back until Hirai pulls a major **** up. But so far Sony's doing fine. I'm digging FW 2.60.

Stringer however is another subject. Unless those testimonies are fake, the article is pretty much spot-on. FUD'worthy, but spot-on. I doubt Sony will be acquired any-time soon: especially by a Westerner. Japanese people don't like us ya know.

Powertesties3584d ago

when a story comes along that concerns the hard times of Sony?

You have to know that when a story breaks, each news reporting source is going to cover it. Then each story ends up on n4g 5 million times.
Each a bit different.

Ok, while this certainly isn't breaking news by any means, it is a story and a interesting. Some of you are turning this into a 'fanboy' topic and it needs to stop.

ordellsway3584d ago

of this crap as well. it is time to put aside your hate for either company. it is about games. simple as that. nice point testicles.

3584d ago
Anon19743584d ago

What an awful title. No, Sony isn't going to be aquired. With the credit markets the way they are you couldn't finance a Big Mac, let alone company with a 27 billion market cap with revenues in excess of 80 billion a year.

Secondly, will Stringer leave? Maybe, but considering they're smack in the middle of restructuring, wouldn't it make more sense to see the job finished then leave in the middle?

This article struck me as a bit off right off the bat. The "overpriced PS3". If they had checked their facts they'd know the PS3 is sold at a price that still has Sony losing $50 on each console. If you went to a restaurant and ordered a meal and paid less than the food costs, would you consider it overpriced? If you could buy a car for less than the sum of it's parts and the price to put it together, would you feel like you got ripped off...that you'd paid too much if you were happy with the product? No, it's not that he doesn't know because he refers to it later on.

Apparently, when you label an article as a "Comment" you can apparently say and speculate anything you want without having a little things like "facts" or "research" to impede the stream of garbage flowing from your keyboard. For example, did you know Stringer has failed to win the hearts and minds of Sony engineers? This guy does. I imagine he conducted many an interview before coming up with that assessment.

Anon19743584d ago

Busted for plagiarism. I suppose it's better than writing crap articles that's not actually based on anything.

Nineball21123584d ago

Good find, Darkride!

This guy apparently is a douche without any professional morals.

I knew that this guy's "assertions" were off base, but now I know for sure that not only is he talking out of his @ss, but he's more than likely using other people's words while doing it.

3584d ago
Amnesiac3583d ago

LOL @ "Biasest"

I literally lol'd so hard I almost spit coffee on my screen

Anon19743583d ago

And I wanted to say in the forum, I may not like all the news stories you submit but I think it's important to provide as many different views as possible. I think it makes us stronger as a community to be able to debate issues raised in these articles, even if it does make me cringe every time I see another "Sony is doomed" bit.

SaiyanFury3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

Well, here we are at today's latest "anti-Sony" and "Sony needs saving article". Let me spit out my rhetoric and we can all move on with our day. Sony doesn't need saving, they're doing just fine considering they're behind the 360 by one year. The PS3 is selling well despite economic recession, blah blah blah. See everyone at the next daily anti-Sony article. Next time, let's all bring along a few adult beverages to liven the spirit shall we?

RememberThe3573583d ago

"Although Kutaragi's leadership of consumer electronics was not successful, analysts also suspect that outgoing Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei had set up Kutaragi to fail, given that both men had a cool working relationship. Idei assigned Kutaragi the tedious task of turning around the consumer division which had already been falling behind competitors such as Samsung in the LCD market.[4] Kutaragi's rival for the top position, Howard Stringer, was given the less difficult assignment of the content business and his success at Sony BMG resulted in his promotion."

Howard Stringer doesn't know jack about electronics. I'm sure there are a large number of people on this site alone that know more about electronics then he does.

acedoh3583d ago

and it's with this constant deluge of the same stories over and over. SONY is failing and the PS3 is flopping. How many more times can this go on. How come when I look in automative sections of newspapers or on websites I don't hear about Chrysler or General Motors failing and what they need to do. This has gotten to the point of absurd and it really needs to stop. These writers are a joke and trying to represent their work as journalism is an insult to everyone. Let the chips fall where they may but in the long run SONY will still exist and the Playstation brand will be fine.

FarEastOrient3583d ago

Sony needs some one like Sir Stringer, there are many reasons and the main one being is the need of an outside influence. The company is bogged down with so much cultural and traditional baggage of how to get things done and do it slowly that all the small things have finally caught up.

I'm a big Sony and Microsoft buyer of products and also a share holder in both companies so don't attack me for leaning in a certain way.

Sony has like more than 100,000 employers, Microsoft has 94,000 employees, these two companies are a great example of how their size is holding them back.

UnasFortuna3583d ago

however, you give nineball way too much credit. A presented view is fine; however, his/her articles presented lately have been nothing more than misrepresentation and pure flamebait titles. All have been antiSony lately and it is getting a little tiresome. Anyone with any common sense can tell from the article title alone that it is pure BS. Sony get bought... give my butt a break.... not in the darkest days of the economy. All this MS/Sony flame wars is old and people need to give it a rest. This is not news worthy. Put some actual and factual facts in your (nineball) articles and then that would change. MS is laying off even more people and I don't here him/her declaring doom/gloom for MS. Wonder why that is?

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Nathan Drake3584d ago

Woohoo,we needed some more "Is Sony doomed?*dun dun dunn!*" Articles around here!

Livens up the place :D

Spike473584d ago

these biased journalists write.

FantasyStar3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

And unprofessional blogs are better? You guys are full of double-standards.

If it's positive about Sony based on 5 words only, it gets approved no matter which 13 yr-old kid wrote it on his V-tech Learning Computer w/ 6 AA Batteries. However if it's a negative article by journalist who've done their research and put up good points over pages worth: that gets "reports" out the wazoo.

Granted the article is full of FUD, but this article is newsworthy. They make good points about the recession, and how Sony's business practices might be leading them downward. It's FUD, but it's an article regardless. I don't like doom-n-gloom articles just as much as you guys: but this one is a new form of FUD: it deserves at least one article feature.

For example, I won't approve a FUD article that just talks YLODs, unless it offers some serious insight as to why these happen and whether or not Sony might've known about it. If the article is basically saying "YloDs are happening to PS3s! SOny tez DOOMED!" - I won't approve that. However if the article involves consumer reports, recent activity studies, and actual tech analysis: then I'll approve that.

"Posting Negative News
Even though negative news about a console can make the fans angry, it is still news and should be posted as any other story. Again as with all news stories the important thing is that what you report is newsworthy. That some no-name-blogger writes a story about how much he dislikes console X, that is not news. On the other hand, if a high profiled developer shares his negative opinion about a console on his personal blog it would be considered news and should therefore be posted. "

twoface3584d ago

Come on, fantasy star, you can't hide your obvious fanboyism behind that wall of text.
With every negative Sony news, you are always there to rub it in.

Hats off to you, don't bother to hide

ultimolu3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

...Seriously, these articles need to stop.
My rage rant was too much for the site. Sorry mods. D:

PoSTedUP3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

word up juuken
; ]

ultimolu3584d ago

...o_o I think it was the inner rage inside of me that wrote that.
*slinks away quickly*

PoSTedUP3584d ago

you gotta chillax, SONYS not doomed! XD

PoSTedUP3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

ok then, gooooooseee fraaahh baaaahhhh ; ]

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Graphics Whore3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

130+ Billion dollar company acquired by whom? S'cuse meh, there's stoopid in my video game journalism.


No company has that kind of profit.

Death3584d ago

Last year Sony sold 80 billion in product to make about 3 billion in profit. Their value is based on the 3 billion, not the 80 billion. This year they are looking at a loss of just over a billion. I may be wrong, but the 3.8 billion is based on year over year numbers. The total loss is close to 4 billion from last year which will put them 1 billion in the red. Much of this is based on the resccession we are currently in and the fall of the yen. Sony also plays a part in this, but to what extent is unknown. It's much more complicated then what people think. I'm not sure how much we should be looking into this on a gaming site since finances are not easy to understand and are measured in many different ways.


Graphics Whore3584d ago

Seems that you don't know how the system works either if you think their net worth is only 3-4 billion.

fenix13003584d ago

I think that it is entirely possible to look at each companies finance. yes it is true that there are a tone of variables that would affect each company but thats where the whole ceteris paribus(spelling?) comes from. I mean from a basic Macro standpoint all we have to do is take all of company A's global assets and add em up. also you are forgetting to add in consumer expectation just because Company A posts a loss does not mean that they are going to collapse. there is a lot of valid information that you can pull from just the basics of economics that can help everyone see how company A is really doing.

Bathyj3584d ago

If it was only 3 or 4 Billion, I'd buy them myself.

Sony has almost 3 times the total assets of M$ with $15B just in cash. How do you figure 3 or 4 Billion?

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Fox013584d ago

Who/what can save the PS3?

LeonSKennedy4Life3583d ago

You still write with chalk AND you play with your food?

Good lord, child...