GamesOnSmash: TRITTON AX Pro Gaming headphones Review

Got Sound? I have been waiting to do a review on these gaming headphones ever since I've come back from experiencing them at the VGEXPO in Philly. I've been talking about these headphones in great length from the day I tried them on till now. They sparked a great debate with another member of the Games on Smash staff that feels replay value is a bigger factor in games than sound.

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ThichQuangDuck3615d ago

Very good and immersive pm me if you want more info

slayerized3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

Ignore1 - Tritton big let down
first off trittons customer service is the worse they never answer or reply to your email, i preordered these and resold them on ebay because tritton wont accept returns. anyway first thing i didn't like was the make of these things it felt like a cheap taiwan toy very flimsy and cheap,second when you wear them people around you hear everything as they don't hug your ears tight they sit on your ears with a bit of a gap meaning if your playing late when it's quiet then you really need to turn the volume way down on these things which defeat the purpose. now for the sound i played cod 4 and 5 and the 5.1 was decent i adjusted the bass and everything to see which sounded better but you really dont have a choice its like a volume control up or down not like an eq. the xbox live mic sucked ass way to short and tons of static really couldn't hear my buds and also tons of echo sound that's when i said enough so i tried calling tritton for a refund but no luck so off to ebay they went. i didnt want to spend the money but astro's a40 is the way to go. hope this review helps you guys.