ZTGD Review: Tales of Despereaux

ZTGD writes: "Sometimes the key to creating a successful licensed game is to not step too far outside of the boundaries of what makes gaming fun. Most companies attempt to create a genre-bending experience that follows the franchise so closely it becomes impossible to discern the two apart and sometimes a developer just decides to make a really fun game with a recognizable protagonist. Such is the case with Atari's latest licensed game Tales of Despereaux. Instead of trying to construct a game that fits well with the movie the team opted to create a solid little platformer with the visual style of the movie complete with responsive controls and engaging gameplay. The end result is a fun handheld romp that is a must play for those interested in a good old-fashioned platformer or the novel and film the game is based on."

+ Inventive level design
+ Spot-on controls
+ Lots of replay value

- Audio is weak
- Lackluster combat

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