Sony's Global PS3 Unit Sales

Erik Sherman @ writes: A number of people criticized my previous piece on Sony's PS3 because I didn't have worldwide unit sales numbers. And that was fair (though some of those commenting clearly needed some warm milk and a rest), because you can't reasonable take U.S. sales to represent what the rest of the world might do. So I did some digging and found some numbers for Sony itself. Given that the company has also forecast overall unit sales through March 31, 2009, I think I've got a reasonable handle on just how many game consoles the company is selling. And I also came across some information that helps triangulate, and bring in to question, the spin Microsoft has recently put on the Xbox 360 unit sales.

The data from Sony gets confusing because the company reports sales by fiscal years for which the last day is actually in the next calendar year. (I checked with Sony on this.) But once you remember that the PS3 didn't come out until November 2006, we're on the track to something coherent (and, remember, the dates in the table below refer to calendar years, not Sony's fiscal years):

Calendar Quarter Units (Millions)
Q4 2006 1.68
Q1 2007 1.93
Q2 2007 0.71
Q3 2007 1.31
Q4 2007 4.90
Q1 2008 2.33
Q2 2008 1.56
Q3 2008 2.43

This takes us through September 2008 for a total of 16.85 million PS3 units sold since the product first came out.

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Nathan Drake3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Microsoft:"We're leading Ps3 by 8 Million units."

Which would mean Microsoft are sitting at 24 Million Xbox 360s sold,correct :) ?

Edit:GameKings has informed me these sales are only till September 2008,going by bnets estimations,Microsoft are still fibbing about their "8 Million units"lead.

duarteq3610d ago

Depends of how many Xbox360 RROD are written as new sales...

LarVanian3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Did this site include Q4 2008 sales?
I'm too lazy to read it.

darthv723610d ago

so if someone goes out and "buys" another 360 because theirs broke. You don't count that as a "sale"? It is unlawful to take a refurb system and count it as a sale. so all those who got theirs fixed by way of a replacement from MS are not counted as sales.

Those who actually went and exchanged money for goods over the counter are counted as sales. Plus, I dont think second hand sales are counted either. No real way to keep track of those. I got both of my 360's and ps3 second hand yet they were counted as sales when first sold to the other people.

Man this numbers game is turning into the most annoying pi$$ing contest ever.

Why can't we all along?

Maddens Raiders3610d ago

no wonder the PS3 will die. >_>

ukilnme3610d ago

It's ok for you and your friends to feel butt hurt about this.

acedoh3610d ago

is the PS3 continues to sell at a very high price point. Consumers are still willing to spend $400 on a console that continues to criticized by those who have something personal against it.

Despite what all the negative articles say the PS3 is still on target to hit their goals they set many months ago. Financial crisis or not that is impressive.

Massahud3610d ago


Think about it, one person buys 2 consoles, you release a game, how many will this person buy? 1 for the working console and one for the dead one?

The hardware sales have a meaning for the industry because they can have some insight on the size of the software market, but when you have many ppl buying the same console more than once it this potential market is smaller than the hardware sales number are saying.

Homicide3610d ago

I remember the gap being at 6 million when the gen started. Looks like 360 is gaining lots of momentum.

callahan093610d ago

Is that sarcasm, Madden Raiders? Because the PS3 sold more in its first two years, at a higher price with more competition, than the 360 did in its first two years. I still don't get this malarky about the PS3 being a sales disappointment. It's doing something many thought unthinkable: no console this expensive has ever done a fraction as well.

read disc error3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

looks like sites like VGchartz and NPD were severely over-tracking PS3 sales. VGchartz has them at 19.86M. I would guess that MS will come back with a retort and say they're leading by more now.

edit: nevermind, these are only sales figures until Sept '08 so Vgchartz is probably correct. MS is approx 8 million ahead widening the 6 million lead it had when the PS3 first came out.

xwabbit3610d ago

lol Homicide, say w/e makes u sleep at night :P

The Lazy One3610d ago

Q4 2008 doesn't end until march.

HardcoreGamer3610d ago

all i can resly question is, why sony just dont put the price down further? and no xmas price cut. wow , anyhow all i can think of is i beleive sony is comfortable in its position being high price and all.

mint royale3610d ago

it cannot afford to. The ps3 is expensive to produce and the yen has crippled the value of their exports. When they break even later this year then they will have the option to cut the price.

As for sales it is obvvious that at the end of the year sony had shipped 20 million whilst microsoft had shipped 28 million hence the 8 million lead.

SL1M DADDY3610d ago

The author still has no information about the busiest months in console sales for the PS3, November and December. If you take into account that the year prior, Sony sold nearly 5 million consoles in the 4th quarter, you can assume that they sold at least that or more during the final quarter of 2008. Sony reps are claiming that they have hit the 20 million mark and for those that actually care about numbers (Lord only knows why), should stick with the words from the horses mouth.

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Crazyglues3610d ago

Seems like how I always suspected.. Q4 and Q1 of the following year is always the best quarters.. All that Christmas money spending.. best time to come out with your game..

All in all that's not bad at all, PS3 is doing quite well..

and even though Xbox 360 has seriously out sold them, these are not bad numbers at all... in 09 PS3 might even catch up to 360.

Congrats to the Xbox 360 fans you have beat us fair and square, no hard feelings... While I will admit I thought by now PS3 would have out sold 360.

I am not too small a person to not be able to give 360 it's props.

(It was a great battle, and I look forward to 09)

BlackTar1873610d ago

More people should be like you your 100% correct as a gamer im glad to know my 2 systems i Play(wii is a dust collector) ar enot going anywhere and Im happy about this now I need some 360 games in 09 but all in all many more years of happy gaming : )

Nothing better

BlackTar1873610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Battlestations Pacific is prob other then GOW3 ais my most anticapated title.

others are great obv. but BS is my favorite next gen MP game I know others don't agree and Im not in to that style but I gave it 3hrs one night after I bought it and pretty much gave up on it and have thought about everyday since and have 1000000 hrs onit. If anyone else is a fan please lets exchange GT to play in the future need some competition

PotNoodle3610d ago

Lets wait till they release Q4 08 numbers, for both microsoft and sony before we start getting serious!

lokiroo4203610d ago

Who gives a sh1t who is serious or not its all manipulation and bullsh1t. Every console has sold too much for anyone to turn away now, there is too much money to be made for any of the three through software sales.

TheMART3610d ago

"Nathan Drake - 1 hour ago
1 - "16 Million Ps3 sold"
Microsoft:"We're leading Ps3 by 8 Million units."

Which would mean Microsoft are sitting at 24 Million Xbox 360s sold,correct :) ?

Edit:GameKings has informed me these sales are only till September 2008,going by bnets estimations,Microsoft are still fibbing about their "8 Million units"lead. "

From the Gamerzone

LOL at the EDIT. Gamekings = Nasim. He knows nothing. He makes up anything. Too freaking funny. He is even too poor to buy a PS3.

user39158003610d ago

If it is sales of hardware MS wins, If it sales of the software MS wins, if it is the greatest gay fanboys in the market sony slaves will win.

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