G4TV: Hands-On: MadCatz Officially Licensed 'Street Fighter IV' Arcade Sticks

G4TV writes:

"Yesterday, I had the chance to play Capcom's Street Fighter IV with the two officially licensed arcade sticks from MadCatz. I'll also be comparing them to the HORI Fighting Stick EX2, which is the stick that I currently own.

The Standard Edition FightStick (on the right in the picture) runs around $70.00 and is a great stick to grab if you're going to get serious about SF IV. It's not as good as the Tournament Edition (on the left), however, which runs around $150.00. That's double the price! Is it double the good? The EX2 will set you back $60."

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dgroundwater3585d ago

This is serious stuff! $150 for a controller is blasphemy unless you play for hundreds of hours.