Sacred 2 "Art & Vision" e-book

With Sacred 2 right around the corner CDV has released this e-book which you can view here in it's entirety. Looking forward to the upcoming game, and this book makes it that much harder to wait it out. So for all of you who are interested in this upcoming adventure, scroll through and scope out some of the concept art and actual visuals. These are simply amazing!

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killyourfm3465d ago

Wow, stunning imagery. I heard this game was a shoe-in if you like Diablo II. Anyone have an opinion on that?

bgrundman3465d ago

I thought the game was outstanding! A definite must buy for loot whores.

bgrundman3465d ago

This was a pretty awesome game, I am going to have to check this artwork out!

Neco5123465d ago

cool artwork in here! looking forward to sacred2