PS3 generates largest sales for UbiSoft

It seems this may becoming trend, as UbiSoft is reporting a similar story. So far for the fiscal year of 2008, 21% of the publisher's sales have come from the PS3. Of the three home consoles, that is the largest percent, with Microsoft's XBox 360 trailing at 20% and the Wii at 15%. This is quite a mix up from the 2007 fiscal year, where the 360 actually had the highest amount of sales out of all platforms at 25%.

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solidjun53584d ago

no Splinter Cell: conviction going multi-platform?

oh well.

Maddens Raiders3584d ago

is terrific imho. I know a lot of people try to shyt on it, but i really like it. It's worth more than a rental in my estimation. (haven't gotten into mp)

Lifendz3584d ago

and more and more of them are, they only buy their games on PS3. They let their live account expire, they play 360 now and again but are overly cautious because it's probably RROD'd on them. So yeah, this is a trend and I think the gap will only widen in time. This is why most devs lead on PS3 now.

Why dis3584d ago

This has happend before when one console has more exclusive AAA over the other.

Bathyj3584d ago

Lifendz its like you've been spying on me.

I feel like my XB could RRoD anyday now cos it did last week but it was only a near death experince and came back. But why should I buy games on a machine I might not have in a month? And love the avatar.

Madden, I enjoyed Farcry 2 as well, I dont mind the slower pace and I like approaching games/levels/outposts from whatever angle and whatever strategy I like. I like to sneak and confuse.

It is very repetative though and nothing really in the way of level design, its is just a big empty sandbox, so I can see why people who just want to run and gun would get bored.

Blademask3584d ago

lol. but I guess they never need to use facts anyway.

Nathaniel_Drake3584d ago


Could this also be why Microsoft is looking at the casual market more, or could it be the other way around, where most of the sales of Microsoft came from casual buyers, the arcade model, so it affected sales making the PS3 the more profitable version?

OGharryjoysticks3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Lifendz, your play by play calling sounds close to money. If you could get a show of hands on people just waiting until the Live subscription ends to make a move I think you could have a winner. But people that are doing that are also into getting every last drop of value from the money they spend that they might not be able to switch and I say that because I'm pretty sure plenty of players like that depend on trade-ins to help out, but with cheap 360 prices, a 360 trade-in isn't going to help them out much at all. They might be stuck.

Venomish3584d ago

one of my friends got a near death experience to his xbox, it showed rrod for a couple of seconds but then worked after that normally, after a couple of weeks it got permanent rrod. I advice you to back up your data

locos853584d ago

Hey it's like you are telling my story. I had an Xbox first, then when it RROD on me I bought a PS3. Now I barely touhch my Xbox because I'm scared of the stupid RROD again. I also didn't reactivate my XBL, I feel PSN is just as good for me.

navyguy213584d ago

for fiscal year 2008, HAZE was released for PS3 ONLY in fiscal year 2008!!!

skimming3584d ago

for Sony fanboy circlejerk.

Can you guys say "cherry picking data"?

Bathyj3584d ago

Oh great, now I'm even more nervous. Not much point backing up anything. If it goes again I dont think I'll be getting a 4th machine.

Yes, this is just selective data to make Sony feel good, cos you know how big a PS3 fanboy Ubisoft is.........Wait a minute..

SL1M DADDY3584d ago

If you have nothing good to say about the news posted then may I suggest you not post at all? Only an idiot fanboy would go into some thread they have no interest in and post up negativity...

Open Zone = --->

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ifhd3584d ago

PS3 is dead
we need to save PS3


Karum3584d ago

Saying the 360 is trailing at 20% makes it sound worse than what it's 1% not really anything to crow about although it is very nice to see developers doing well off the PS3 with that supposedly horrible install base it has.

Simon_Brezhnev3584d ago

and if ps3 install base was like 360 they would make a hell of a lot more money

Araceae3584d ago

You are correct that 1% isn’t that big of a deal. However, when you consider each console’s install base and the fact that last year the 360 had a larger percentage it is an interesting change and something worth noting.

firelogic3584d ago

When you consider that they're dealing in millions of dollars. 1% makes a big difference.

Zeevious3584d ago

...but ALL Playstation licensing revenue goes to Sony, so shouldn't the total include the PSP and any PS2 sales? (and combine DS/Wii sales for Nintendo)

This total profit value would change the figures by much more than 1%

The Lazy One3584d ago

Naruto wasn't released till the end of Q3. Haze has been out since the summer.

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Zeevious3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

Seriously...What is wrong with "game journalists"

"Trailing at 20%" uhh... did you check those numbers?
The Wii is the one trailing at 15% & the Xbox 360 & PS3 are practically tied.

What I would like to know is where is the other 44% of their profits coming from?
Let me turn into a game "journalist" for a minute & tell upcoming headlines from my Game Site/Blog/Myspace page just opened yesterday :

"What is Jade Raymond Doing To Generate The Rest Of Ubisoft's Profits?"

"Cartoon's True - Ubisoft Pimps Jade For 44%"

Now I'm sure with the state of "journalism" today, we're just one headline away from street corner references & a breakdown of profits for the shareholders.

To all game "journalists" please find some integrity worthy of the title.

gauntletpython3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

The 360 is behind so it's trailing, no matter what way you want to look at it. Though it's only 1%, that's still thousands of units and that's still a huge achievement considering the PS3 to 360 ratio in the US and Europe is nearly 1:2. Although what the article also doesn't mention the reason why is probably because UbiSoft published the PS3 exclusive Haze.

And the other 44% is the DS(which is probably the largest %), PSP, and PC.

Zeevious3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

For making my point.

The quote exactly is:
"Of the three home consoles, that is the largest percent, with Microsoft's XBox 360 trailing at 20% and the Wii at 15%."

My point is about Game "Journalist" who sensationalize everything, even the smallest detail, such as a 1% difference in sales.

Why isn't it "For Ubisoft PS3 & 360 Lead over Trailing Wii"

The Wii is trailing...

Why did the author spell out "Microsoft XBox 360 trailing" ???
Because it's sensational, inaccurate, and would spark endless debates AND HITS over the "point". That's the only reason...since it's not accurate no matter how you look at it.

In fact the Wii...the Wii...the Wii is trailing at 15%.
Please explain how you can be "trailing" IN THE MIDDLE.

This is a different issue than the PS3 profits being in the lead at 21%...Technically this % may be higher since any PSP or PS2 profits could also be considered under the "Playstation brand" since the licensing from these all go to one place...Sony

Your reaction is just what was intended by the headline...but I am not someone with a bias or promoting either console. I think the competition is great for all gamers, and don't feel the need to rush to anyone's rescue or defend anyone's honor.

These are products...not people.

I'm curious though, because you posted without even the time to do any already knew about their sales margins on specific software, and the profit distribution of that additional 44%.

In the interests of shining a spotlight on this kind of continual have a great deal of information about Ubisoft, so maybe you can explain to everyone here if your an investor, Ubisoft employee, related to the website or article, or what your connection is.

Blademask3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

EUREKA!!!! you've "discovered" gaming "journalism"!!!! Its the way it goes. Didya miss the 9235 "Sony is DOOMED articles"?

Gaming coverage is a joke, buncha uneducated clowns w/blogs and even the educated guys are morons apparently. There is no Gaming Journalism standard, thats the big problem. No model to run your own blog/site by. Its all fanboys with biased agendas.

You're like the guy that says "Oh wait, Bruce Willis is DEAD!" after the credits roll of 6th sense.

just giving ya a hard time, but.. its just the way it is :\

gauntletpython3584d ago

First of all, about your whole 'sensationalist journalism' rant - the whole point of journalists is to make out trends and details and present them to a public that might otherwise not recognize them. This article did that. A sensationalist article takes things completely out of context and spins them to mean something outside the original intent.

The article said the PS3 is the leading home console because it IS the leading console. It's 1% ahead of the 360 and 6% ahead of the Wii. Just because the 360 is in the middle, doesn't mean its not trailing. The 360 is trailing the PS3. The Wii is trailing the PS3 and 360. Both are trailing the PS3.

You're point on the PlayStation brand - the PS3 is at 21%, the PSP is 1%, and the PSP is 2%. You can find the numbers at UbiSoft's website.

I'm not defending any console, I'm stating the facts. The statement "Of the three home consoles, that is the largest percent" is 100% true, regardless of whether it's ahead 1% or 100%. You're trying to paint this as a huge sensationalist spin when it isn't.

As for your allegation that I'm somehow an insider to this whole thing, the entire financial report this is based on available on UbiSoft's website. DS is 31%, PC is 8%, PSP is 2%, PS2 is 1%. Do some research yourself next time.

Zeevious3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

...and was not commenting on the amounts, but the intent.

That much is clear...
but for you I somehow struck a nerve when I brought up journalism.

I'm referring, quite clearly to the ENTIRE state of gaming journalism.

I'm spinning nothing. I always deal in facts and I'm as impartial as ever.

But you're defending what...the right to say someone 1% off in the middle is in fact trailing? Any way you spin're wrong.

This may be a milder form of these types of articles, but I, and I suspect many gamers have had ENOUGH of it. When does it stop! When can we just have facts, not attempts to make a 1% difference more than a 1% difference.

Also you did not answer the actual questions, just attempted to deflect the comments with 'the reports are on Ubisoft's site...'
So sorry, I'm a bit too clever for that tired, trite, poorly played tactic to work.

Still no answer to you answering within A MINUTE of my post with an assortment of Ubisoft financial details.

So in one minute, you downloaded and read the entire 170 page Ubisoft Annual Report?

Oh by the way...THE ARTICLE DOESN'T EVEN LINK TO THESE or Ubisoft itself.

Did you write the article -- I mean paragraph, or are related to the site or Ubisoft? Well . . .
If you did or are, and that's where your unfounded defense of the current state of gaming "journalist" and this sensationalized paragraph of biased news come's from...we have the right to know.

A journalist would have the integrity to tell us the truth.
A journalist would never turn a middling 1% difference into trailing.
A journalist would report truthfully without bias, not mislead.

This was not a paragraph written by a journalist...It's just another sensationalized (mildly or not) site-hit piece, submitted for that purpose alone.

Oh...Just in case you missed it, did I mention you're wrong?
With a low of 15%, 20% is trailing 21% only to a sensationalist.
Try dealing in facts more . . . spin less . . . and if my comment was a rant -- Thank you for yours.

TO ALL the gaming "journalist" who disagreed with me here should take a long, hard look and see if their self-respect and integrity is to we the gamers, or to your site-hits and advertising revenue.

rroded3584d ago

but ya its pretty close percent wise but considering the 360 is suppose to have a huge lead on the poor doomed ps3...

Zeevious3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

...Not the way it should be.

With lots of therapy & the wonders of neurochemical rebalancing (A.K.A. whiskey) I'd JUST gotten over the 9235 "Sony is DOOMED articles"

Basthtard! You had to bring it up, as if my weeping wasn't enough for you!

But I understand...from your own pain and struggles : "Gaming coverage is a joke, buncha uneducated clowns w/blogs and even the educated guys are morons apparently. There is no Gaming Journalism standard, that's the big problem. No model to run your own blog/site by. Its all fanboys with biased agendas."

I see we're really on exactly the same page...since that's pretty much what I said myself.

At least we can huddle in the corner together with a box of tissues...trying not to let our tears short out the game controllers.

Weep...weep weep


Oh yeah... The Sixth Sense? Huh?
Wait...Bruce Willis Dead?

I went for popcorn about 98 minutes into the 107 minute movie all 11 times I saw it...Don't understand what your saying at all.

Great credits though...Well, back to my weeping . . .

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360 man3584d ago

i take it most of the cells came from europe

Nineball21123584d ago

It's "sales" not "cells".

We are not talking about incarceration.

Homicide3584d ago

The power of the cell compels you.

360 man3584d ago

goodness sake nineballs cant u take a f*cking joke

Why dis3584d ago

That and the fact when there is little 1st and 2nd party offerings 3rd party publishers tend to do better.

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