Killzone 2 Pre-Order Advertisement Gone Wrong

Game store seems to need another visit from their Sony rep...

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Spike473412d ago

Hell coast? They must have thought about COD and normandy or something.

rucky3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

It actually slang for "A REALLY F*CKIN COOL *SS GAME". You get that for free along with the blu ray disc.

Faggol3412d ago

just came from picking up my beta code. Feb 5th here i come

Bubble Buddy3412d ago

McLovin can buy a mature game but not booze :)

3411d ago
Yipee Bog3411d ago

add /sarcasm, although I think my sarcasm gauge might be reading

Clopsy3411d ago (Edited 3411d ago )

Troll, please.

Anyways, maybe the store knows something we don't! :O
If not, I wonder if the guy who typed it had only heard "helghast" from someone with a VERY strong accent.

f7897903411d ago

and for posting that yellow brown crap everywhere else

Killzone 2 will rock and you have your head up your @$$ is you disagree.

yesah3411d ago

just dont forget to preorder......NOW!!!

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krouse933412d ago

is that supposed to be helghast?

Pennywise3412d ago

Thats what I get from it. Otherwise, no clue.

Blackcanary3412d ago

LOL thats a funny mistake lol

Nathan Drake3412d ago

You know Hell Coast sounds pretty awesome...

*Goes to Trademark it*

solidt123412d ago

Hell Coast will be the next game by Guerilla, LOL

TheColbertinator3412d ago

The Hell Coast shall destroy the EYE S A

GiantEnemyLobster3411d ago

The stupid monkeys working at Sony don't even know how to properly spell!!! What did they do, hire them after they graduated 3rd grade?

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The story is too old to be commented.