PS3 Firmware 3.0: What would you like to see? (Game Experience, Connectivity & Communication)

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"After almost 1,000 votes on the first part of our multi-part feature we continue with the next poll in the series. This time around we would like to know which of the following options would enhance your gaming experience and the way you communicate and connect within games the most.

We have a good idea what is going to be the top option here but please still vote for the option you would most like to see by Firmware 3.0 for the PS3. Once we have collected enough votes we will continue with a new poll, again just to reiterate once we have completed all polls we will forward are findings to SCEE with a view to provide them with a community plotted road map for what you the community would like to see changed, added or modified".

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locos853406d ago

Cross game chat is much needed. and XMB game invite,

majorsuave3406d ago

"More games to support keyboard and mouse input."

Shooters that can actually be controlled with mouse/keyboard would make me buy shooters on consoles. At this very moment, I don`t.

Besides, this could be a system seller to all PC gamers like myself that tried a shooter on a console and went: "WTF???"

Rofflecopter3406d ago

eh. i used to like home, but i got bored. i think that if they added game launching standard to all games, i might have a reason to go back in there.. but cross game voice chat would be good too.

claney3406d ago

that can also be a bad things in games like SOCOM
which require chat and team work, if everyones talking to people'
in different games then there really no team work lol

other then that example i wouldnt mind it in other games like R2
where you dont need to talk to people or COD

freeblue3406d ago

but Adobe will just upgrade it's build number and f everything up again. so I really don't have anything, maybe live stock quotes for Life with Playstation.

ThanatosDMC3406d ago

WTH?! I just went back to Home and no one was talking! Though it seems people have bought more of the PS3 keypad. I liked it when people talked trash...

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MGOelite3406d ago

ps2 playback if possible, cross game chat, automatic trophy synching erm, thats about all i care about

Karum3406d ago

Oh there are so many things in that list I want to vote for

HDgamer3406d ago

Cross game voice chat is a good thing. But what I really want is the trophy sigs and customization.

snakebite363406d ago

I want full software backwards compatibility. I want to be able to play ratchet and clank on my ps3 running at normal fps.

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The story is too old to be commented.