TVG: GTA IV: Episode 1 - Hands On Preview

TVG writes: "We take a long hard look at The Lost and Damned before coming away with a tyre mark across our forehead...

We don't usually preview downloadable content here at TVG, but the opportunity to get a first look at the DLC that allegedly cost Microsoft $50 million to secure exclusive rights over was just too good to turn down. Additionally, at 1600 Microsoft Points this is by no means a cheap portion of DLC for the average Xbox Live punter. That's £13.60, about a third of the price for a brand new game, so will there enough content to keep gamers going for around eight hours? Unfortunately, Rockstar wouldn't put a figure to the length of Episode 1: The Lost and Damned compared to GTA IV, so we're somewhat in the dark on that matter, but what we did see of the game certainly ticked all the right DLC boxes."

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