Ubisoft's 2009 lineup-this is why third parties can't succeed on the Wii

A rant about Ubisoft's lineup for 2009 and what it means for Nintendo fans and owners.

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locos853584d ago

3rd party Wii games are a joke!!

Helghast3584d ago

I didn't know they were classified as "Games"

ChickeyCantor3584d ago (Edited 3584d ago )

" Red Steel 2? Really? They're putting their money on the number one console into that horrible tech demo."

Yes we all agree, RS1 was bad, but it was rushed and ubi had little time with that one. They basically had little time to create a solid concept for this new input device.
I actually have hope for RS2 since it is already known it will have much more development time this time around, if they use M+(and they are) well enough it could actually be that what we expected from the first one.

As for the Petz series, yes they can die, but hey if we kill off petz, you're pretty assasins creed 2 won't have a budget =D XD

" But all I'm going off of is the fact that Red Steel sucked. Hard.
Like i said, it was rushed.
He is just ranting like an ignorant idiot, not so professional =P.

Darkarm663584d ago

Didn't the describing sentence say that this was a rant?

ChickeyCantor3584d ago

Ranting and ranting in ignorance is different.

Darkarm663583d ago

Please tell me, Mr. Teacher, what facts were missed that made it ignorant. The fact that Red Steel 2 doesn't excite me. Or did you miss the part where it said: 'I haven't seen any screens or actually touched a demo for the sequel, so I may end up being wrong about Red Steel 2.'

As for Red Steel goes, if you put that game on a different system and it was just as bad, would you still have hope for it.

Voiceofreason3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

If someone called a PS3 game they never saw or played crap would you still be defending them?
How was it based off ignorance you ask? Well you also answered your own question. Doesnt matter what he said about not seeing the game. The fact is he hasnt seen it at all. Knows nothing about it beyond what we all know. The first one wasnt as bad as many people who never played it made it out to be.

You seem to be taking this personally.. Did you write the article or something? Never saw anyone get so worked up defending an article unless they wrote it.. Just curious really.

nm I see now why.. You posted it and feel that we should all agree 100% the way you did.... I do agree with some points he makes but not all and even if the guy does have 1 valid point it doesnt make everything he has to say 100% correct.

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PS360WII3583d ago (Edited 3583d ago )

yup pretty much, and people wonder why only Nintendo games sell... well it's mainly due to 3rd parties shoving out junk and when it doesn't sell they blame it on the fact it's on a Nintendo platform. Sorry no if you put those same games on the PS3 or 360 they'd do just as bad.

Voiceofreason3583d ago

Just wait for the article about how games do not sale on Wii when all of their casual titles get low sales. granted it takes less money t omake them and they do seem to be selling plenty. They focus more on kids games than casual games really. Sometimes I tihnk most people forget that games for kids have been around for 30 years so no reason we shouldnt be seeing them today.

Sadly the internet was hit with a new buzz word at the beginning of this generation. That word was shovelware. Noob gamers constantly use it to describe any game that isnt mature. They just dont seem to understand what shovelware really is. Like Petz. Its not really shovelware, its a kids game made for those 14 and under or female.

I know most of this has nothing to do with what you said but hard to stop once I got started..Gotta love the bias though. Ubisoft releases mothing but crap for Wii is the headline today, 6 months from now Ubisoft will do an article talking about how those "core" games never sold on Wii. Even they dont understand there is nothing core about petz or any other game that ends in Z.

Darkarm663583d ago

That's a valid point about it being for kids 14 and under but that's like saying that a movie with boobs and bullets are just for guys and should be free from scrutiny. Awful is awful and if this was just about getting kids more games in their hands, then why aren't they being put on the 360 or PS3?

Voiceofreason3583d ago

Redsteel 2 = million seller
Tenchu4 = another Million seller
2 Million sellers on Wii that are hardcore from Ubisoft = more caual crap that sales 500k copies and nothing more. I'm sure they wont even recognize the sales of Shaun white being higher on Wii.