Guillemot accidentally confirms Red Steel 2

Chris Greenhough from Wiifanboy writes:

Ubisoft has stopped short of saying HEY GUYS RED STEEL 2 IS TOTALLY COMING, but we can be reasonably certain it's on the way.

Previously, the game's producer has talked openly about the sequel to Ubisoft's Wii launch slash-a-thon, and now it seems Ubi CEO Yves Guillemots has really given the game away, with a careless slip of Gallic tongue.

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MGOelite3617d ago

erm yay? the first game was "o.k" but definatly not sequal worthy

Masta_fro3616d ago

this is insane! people still play the wii!!!!!!!!!

GFahim3617d ago

it was already confirmed nearly a year ago.

TheColbertinator3617d ago

I am more interested in Mad World,The Conduit and No More Heroes 2 now.

Cheeseknight283617d ago

I gotta ask, is that a Valkyria Sackboy? If so, that is truly epic win.

And yes, Ubisoft confirmed RS2 not that long after the original was released. I guess if it uses motion plus it might be decent.

Blaze9293617d ago

a sequel....really? not only did it not sell, but who cares?

locos853617d ago

Is this really post worthy news??? Red Steel 1 was not fun.....

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The story is too old to be commented.